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Provitamin B5, Explained.

Provitamin B5, Explained.

Find out why Nanogen uses vitamin B5 in our products, and what it does to help your hair look thicker.
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Ask The Expert With Celebrity Hair Colourist, Heather Purton

Heather started her career as a junior at Daniel Galvin’s George Street salon, at the age of 16. With hard work and dedication, she worked her way to the top, to become the youngest Senior Colour Director at Daniel Galvin. With clients travelling far and wide for Heather to work her magic on their hair, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Heather, to get some hints and tips about her hair predictions for 2020, advice for colouring fine, thinning hair and what hair products she just can't live without!

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‘Spring Clean’ your hair care routine.
Common Causes of Hair Loss

Common Causes of Hair Loss

The causes and reasons of hair loss are incredibly varied. And for those of us suffering with losing our locks, it can be very distressing to sift through all the scary information online to find out exactly what’s going on on top. So, we’re here to help, with this list of the most common reasons for hair loss.

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The answer for supporting healthy hair growth

Guys, we’ve got hair growth sussed out! We’ve spent over two decades at Nanogen HQ researching the perfect solution to encourage healthy hair growth and minimise the appearance of hair loss. The solution is called Nanogen’s unique Growth Factor Complex. Whilst our signature Keratin Hair Fibres provide you with a natural instant thickening result, we’ve also developed a range of supporting products to benefit your hair and scalp in the long term. (don’t say we don’t look after you)

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