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The best hair powder for styling: All you need to know

Hair powders for styling have risen in popularity in recent years, thanks to their amazing ability to add instant volume and thickness wherever you need it. If you’re suffering with fine, flat locks, they can be your saving grace in giving you the extra lift you’ve been craving.

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Introducing our new Hair Hydrating thickening hero

Give thin, fine hair the moisture it needs while creating the perfect canvas for your hair fibres with Nanogen’s Hair Hydrator.

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Best root booster for hair: All you need to know

For achieving thickness and volume, a hair root booster is a must-have in any beauty routine. Not only can it be the best way to lift the roots and give that incredible volume, it can also add texture needed for styling and protect the hair from heat damage.

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Fight the signs of ageing with Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum

Every woman is aware that age can cause big changes within the body, but the effect it can have on our hair is often underestimated. Age, and everything that comes with it, can take a massive toll on our hair, leading to increased fall out, a slow down in hair growth, and the onset of Female Pattern Hair Loss.

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Postpartum hair loss, everything you need to know

Battle postpartum hair loss with Nanogen's new Hair Growth Factor Serum

Postpartum hair loss is something that so many new mums deal with, yet it’s still largely unreported and can come as a shock to women who aren’t expecting it.

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