For achieving thickness and volume, a hair root booster is a must-have in any beauty routine. Not only can it be the best way to lift the roots and give that incredible volume, it can also add texture needed for styling and protect the hair from heat damage.

So how do you find the best root booster for hair? It can come down to a number of factors, including your hair type and your desired result. But one thing that is a must for all hair root boosters is a great formula that delivers amazing volume without being sticky or greasy.

  1. Best ingredients in hair root booster
  2. The best root booster for your hair type
  3. Root booster for hair: Spray or powder?
  4. How to apply root booster for hair

Best ingredients in hair root booster

A good hair root booster is packed full of technology that lifts the hair at the roots to add height that last all day. However, the best root booster for hair also protects the hair from heat, nourishes it with hair-loving ingredients and leaves a weightless finish that doesn’t clog up the scalp. For a root booster for hair that has all those added benefits, be sure to look for these key ingredients:

  • Keratin: This natural thickening protein is what our hair, skin and nails are made of, and adding this into a hair root booster will give density and thickness to every strand. Not only that, it will also help rebuild the structure of the hair to strengthen and protect against damage.
  • Natural sea salt: Binds onto the hair shaft and cause friction between strands. The salt particles work by rubbing together to increase the interaction between hair fibres which improves volume.
  • Lifting polymers:A key factor of a great root boost is lifting polymers which actively dry onto the roots to lift the hair shaft and add height.
  • Niacinamide: Helps to remove dead skin cells and clogged hair follicles while supporting the scalp’s structure and maintaining healthy hair. It also intensely hydrates and enhances hair’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Caffeine: Not just for your morning coffee! Caffeine is a great ingredient for root booster for hair as it penetrates into the root of the hair to enhance the overall thickness of the hair. This multi-tasker also blocks the hormone that damages hair follicles and causes hair loss, leading to fuller, thicker hair with repeated use.
  • Green tea extract: A super strong antioxidant which protects follicles and scalp from inflammatory free radical damage, which helps to keep hair in great condition. It also soothes and reduce irritation of the scalp.
  • The best root booster for your hair type

    Great ingredients are key to finding the best root booster for hair, but there other things to consider too. Don’t forget that your hair type can have a big impact on what formula will work best for you, but short of buying every hair root booster out there, how do you find out? Just keep reading for our top tips:

    Hair root booster for fine hair

    Fine hair textures looking for much-needed volume will need a formula that doesn’t weigh hair down or make it look greasy, so forget heavy products like creams and stick to a lightweight spray. You might also want to look for a root boost that actively thickens the hair from the inside out, so opt for those that have keratin and caffeine to add density over time.

    Best root booster for hair loss

    Hair loss sufferers can often feel the need to add volume to conceal their thinning and bald spots. Once again, a lightweight spray formula is the best option here, but also look for ingredients that actively promote hair growth like niacinamide and caffeine, both of which work together to moisturise the follicles and enable them to grow faster and stronger.

    Hair root booster for long hair

    Long hair can often look flat on top as it can actually weigh itself down. If you have longer hair, you may want to consider using a hair powder for styling to add thickness and lift at the roots without being pulled down by long lengths. Be sure to find one that volumises without suffocating the follicles which can lead to fall out.

    Hair root booster for short hair

    Short hair tends to have a bit more volume than other lengths, but everyone needs a little extra lift sometimes! Creams, clays and pomades tend to be the best hair root booster for crop cuts and bobs, as their added hold also aids in styling.

    Hair root booster for men

    Thanks to the increase in men’s hair trends, guys are constantly looking for something that will add lift and height at the roots. While many are faithful to their hair dryers and straighteners, more often than not, men are looking for a hair root booster that works without needing to be activated by a hairdryer. Make sure to look for a root boosting formula that works even without the addition of heat.

    Root booster for hair: Spray or powder?

    There are two main formulas for hair root boosters: sprays and powders. And while both give amazing volume and thickness, there are pros and cons to each one.

    Root boost sprays are much more common in the world of root boosters, mostly thanks to their ease of use and mess-free application. A spray also tends to be easier to control and gives a more even application for all over volume. They also tend to give a more movable, ‘invisible’ result with less chance of leaving a residue as opposed to some styling powders. That being said, it can be easy to over-apply root booster sprays as a little goes a long way. The best way to use them is to spray a little at a time and build up to your desired volume.

    One of the main benefits of a powder hair root booster is that they tend to give even better thickening and volumising effects than sprays. The effects of a powder also last longer than other formulas, with most promising results until you wash it out. Some formulas are also available in a number of shades, making them ideal for hiding thinning hair and evening out the hair. Some hair root booster powders can be a bit more fiddly to apply though, so it can take a little bit of practice to master the art. Your best option is to add a tiny amount at a time and blend in with your fingers to achieve the most seamless result.

    How to apply root booster for hair

    The next step after finding the best root booster for hair is to learn how to use it! And a root booster when used properly can yield amazing results and give you the thick, voluminous hair you’ve been looking for.

    Using hair root booster on wet hair

    The most common way to use a root booster for hair is straight after washing your hair and before styling. Simply towel dry your hair and apply the product directly to the roots, focusing on the areas you need it most. In the majority of cases, a little goes a long way, so spritz sparingly and work into the roots with your fingers.

    The next step depends on the type of formula you’ve chosen. If your root booster for hair needs to be activated by heat, use a hair dryer and a round barrel brush to pull hair up and away from the scalp while drying. This will essentially ‘set’ the formula and really amp up the volume! Alternatively, you could flip your head upside down and rough dry all over for a less controlled, more natural result.

    If, however, your root booster for hair does not need heat to work, you can simply leave hair to air dry and see the results without the added damage of a hairdryer.

    Using hair root booster on dry hair

    While many root boosters for hair are designed for wet hair, there are a select few that are clever enough to work on dry hair without leaving a residue. Brush your hair to get rid of any knots and lightly spray onto the roots, focusing on the crown and hairline. Be careful not to use too much to avoid overloading the hair. Work into the hair either with your fingers, or lightly blow dry for an even more voluminous result

    Using hair root booster during the day

    From time to time we may need to touch up our look, or add in an extra hit of volume after a long day at the office. Some hair root boosters can be a great handbag staple for on the go thickness. Simply spritz directly on the root, work in with your fingers and go!

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