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Fight the signs of ageing with Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum

Fight the signs of ageing with Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum

Every woman is aware that age can cause big changes within the body, but the effect it can have on our hair is often underestimated. Age, and everything that comes with it, can take a massive toll on our hair, leading to increased fall out, a slow down in hair growth, and the onset of Female Pattern Hair Loss.

The menopause creates massive hormonal changes within the body, and it’s these changes that can contribute to hair loss. The scalp relies on an exact hormonal balance to get all the nutrients and vitamins it needs from the bloodstream to grow healthy strong hair. Whenever there is a hormonal imbalance (like during the menopause and pregnancy) this affects its ability to grow great hair and results in a type of hair loss called Telogen Effluvium.

But it’s not just down to the menopause, there are various other contributors to hair loss in women. Unfortunately, as we age we tend to see our fair share of illness and disease, all of which can affect hair growth, whether it’s serious or not. To treat these ailments we also tend to take more medications as we age, which in itself can be attributed as a cause of hair loss and thinning.

Take back control

Fortunately, help is at hand. Nanogen’s Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum is the ideal partner to encourage healthy hair growth throughout the ageing process. The unique combination of extracts and peptides has been proved to support hair growth by delivering all the important nutrients the scalp needs to foster thick, healthy hair.

  • Stimulates hair growth: Pea Sprout Extract stimulates the proliferation of hair cells, providing density and thickness.
  • Regenerates hair follicles: Larix Europaea Extract increases bulge stem cells which initiate the growth phase of the hair cycle.
  • Increases hair anchoring: Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 increases collagen around the follicle to stop shedding in its tracks.

Not only does it contain the highest strength of our Hair Growth Factors, it also includes essential hair growth ingredients like hydrating niacinamide and strengthening beta-glucan. Using just 1ml every day can yield amazing results after three months, helping to stimulate hair growth and maintain the hair you already have.

How to apply

  1. Draw 1ml of the serum into the pipette and apply directly onto a dry scalp in a random pattern.
  2. Optionally, massage the droplets into the scalp to increase blood flow to the scalp to further stimulate hair growth.
  3. Leave to dry completely.
  4. For instant thickness, follow up with Keratin Hair Fibres to conceal any fine, thin areas of hair, without affecting the action of the serum underneath.

Makes sure to apply the serum every single day, morning or evening, to ensure your scalp receives all the incredible benefits. Results can be seen after three months of continued use.

Have you started your Hair Growth Factor Serum routine yet? Get started today to see thicker, stronger, healthier hair in three to six months.

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