We all want to speed up our morning routine, and investing in multi-tasking products that work as hard as you do is a great place to start. That’s why we’ve created 7-IN-1 Shampoo & Conditioner for Women.

The powerful formula provides a host of incredible benefits designed to keep your hair and scalp in optimal condition for thick, healthy hair.

The benefits

  • Cleanses: The formula contains hard working surfactants that grab onto oil and dirt particles and pull them away from the hair to deeply cleanse the scalp. Both SLS/SLES and paraben free, the intensive shampoo leaves hair feeling fresh and clean with stripping or drying out the strands. The inclusion of salicylic acid also deeply exfoliates the scalp, ridding it of dead skin and impurities to leave the follicles clear for healthy hair growth.

  • Moisturises: With hydrating powerhouses glycerin and panthenol, 7-IN-1 gives amazing hydration without weighing hair down, making it perfect for finer hair textures. By injecting the hair shaft with added water, the formula leaves it supple, hydrated and full of life. Not only that, but the extra hydration visibly plumps each hair strand, leaving it looking thicker from the first wash.

  • Thickens: Nanogen knows what it takes to achieve thicker hair, and we’ve put all our advanced technology and know how into 7-IN-1. Formulated with our unique Hair Growth Factors, its works to regenerate hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and increase hair anchoring, resulting in thick, healthy hair from the first wash. This groundbreaking combination includes pea sprout extract which stimulates the regeneration of hair cells as well as larix europaea extract, which helps initiate the growth phase of the hair cycle.

  • Strengthens: Great hair often means strong, resilient hair that resists breakage, that’s why we’ve included keratin in our 7-IN-1 formula. This helps strengthen the hair by penetrating the cuticle and rebuilding the natural keratin from the inside out.

  • Rebalances: Much like the skin on our face, our scalp needs a delicate balance of ‘good’ bacteria to remain healthy and able to grow thick, healthy hair. An imbalance can lead to scalp conditions such as dandruff, dryness and itching. 7-IN-1 is formulated with prebiotic beta glucan which nourishes the scalp’s natural microbiome to keep it in perfect condition. Not only that, but salicylic acid actively exfoliates the scalp to help prevent itchiness and flakes, as well as breaking down sebum and dirt which can clog the pores. The addition of soothing aloe vera and chamomile also helps calm irritation with their natural anti-inflammatory effects, while aloe vera also multitasks as an effective antioxidant to prevent free radical damage.

  • Fights pollution: Pollution isn’t just bad for the environment, it can also have harmful effects on our hair and scalp. These days, it’s hard to escape pollutants and toxins in our atmosphere which can get stuck on the hair shaft and follicle, harming DNA and collagen. 7-IN-1 uses green tea extract as a powerful antioxidant to neutralise free radicals, therefore minimising damage to the hair and scalp.

  • Optimises for fibres: Nanogen 7-IN-1 contains surface resin polymers that work to create an optimised canvas for our Keratin Hair Fibres. These polymers make the hair strands strongly positively charged, therefore strengthening the bond with our dipolar charged fibres. A stronger bond means even better, longer lasting hold, as well as enhanced volume as the positive end of the fibres projects away from the positively charged hair. Unique to Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres, this ‘fir tree pattern’ adds dimensional thickness to each individual strand.

How to use

Using 7-IN-1 couldn’t be simpler! Just follow these simple steps to get the most from your new multi-tasking hero.

  1. Thoroughly wet the hair before applying a 50p/dime sized amount directly to the scalp.
  2. Massage into the roots to gently exfoliate away dead skin, oils and product build up. This also helps to promote blood flow to the scalp to further improve hair growth.
  3. Leave for around one minute, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Using too hot water can scald the hair and scalp.
  4. For best results use every time you wash your hair.

And that’s it! For best results, we recommend using 7-IN-1 every time you wash your hair.

Your routine

Nanogen 7-IN-1 Shampoo & Conditioner for Women slots perfectly into your current routine, helping you save time in the shower while helping you achieve healthy, thick hair with ease. The formula is specially designed for those of us with fine and thin hair textures to give a maximum thickening effect without weighing it down. For an extra hydration hit, follow up with our Thickening Hair Treatment Conditioner for Women on the lengths and ends.

To further enhance your hair thickening routine, why not pair with Hair Growth Factor Serum which is packed with the highest concentration of our Hair Growth Factors available. Simply apply to dry hair after washing with 7-IN-1 to give your hair all it needs to grow thick and healthy.

As a final touch and to fill in thinner areas while you wait for the Hair Growth Factors to take effect, apply our Keratin Hair Fibres directly where you need them for instant thickness. Not only to they give incredible coverage and dimensional volume, they also don’t interfere with the action of the Hair Growth Factors and can be easily washed out with your 7-IN-1 Shampoo!