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‘Spring Clean’ your hair care routine.

‘Spring Clean’ your hair care routine.
Have you been washing your hair right?

An odd question, but an important one. Not washing your hair styling products out properly could contribute to hair loss/thinning. When oil, dirt and product build-up on your scalp it can cause the hair follicles to block therefore resulting in an unhealthy scalp. Fear not though, here is a quick guide to get the most from your shampoo and conditioner, create healthier, thicker and stronger looking hair and a healthy scalp! This will help prevent hair from thinning and make sure every day is a good hair day!

Step 1 - Cleansing.

Firstly, dampen your hair and squeeze a hazelnut size amount of your shampoo into your hands. Rub the product all over your palms and fingertips. Next, gently massage the product into your hair, aiming for the root and scalp first. If you need more product, then add a little more. Then rinse.

Step 2 - Double Cleanse.

Now it is time to repeat the first step, this time incorporating all the hair, not just the scalp and root.

You might be wondering why you are shampooing for a second time; this is due to the first wash helping to cleanse and wash the scalp and follicles of any product build-up, dead skin and any missed fibres, helping the hair and scalp absorb the nourishing and cleaning ingredients within the formula to work their magic on each and every strand of hair than it did within the first wash, as there is no product residue in its way.

Once you have massaged the shampoo thoroughly through your hair, it’s time to rinse once again.

Step 3 - Conditioning.

Time to condition. Many people wonder why you need to condition your hair after washing. This is to help close the follicles and seal in the goodness and moisture. One way to look at it is, the shampoo has opened your hair and scalp to remove any build-up and unwanted products, now it's time to close and protect them; this is the job of the conditioner.

Squeeze out a hazelnut-sized amount of your Thickening Hair Treatment Conditioner, rub into your fingertips and palms. This time, avoid the roots of your hair and concentrate on applying the conditioner to the ends of the hair.

Once applied, leave for a minute or so, then rinse to reveal shiny, clean hair ready.

Dual Products.

If you have used the 5-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men, in steps 1 and 2, there's no need for step 3, as your conditioner is incorporated into your shampoo steps, so go straight to step 4.

Step 4 - The Finishing Touch.

For best results and for optimal thicker-looking hair, apply Hair Hydrator through the ends of your damp, towel-dried hair, leave for one minute, brush through until smooth, blowdry and style as normal.

Grab your Keratin Hair Fibres in your perfect shade(s), sprinkle and blend to add thickness and volume to your hair and you are ready for the day ahead!

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