Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum

Nanogen’s Hair Growth Serum helps aid healthy hair growth in three ways: stimulates hair growth, regenerates hair follicles and increases hair anchoring. Nanogen’s serum contains the highest levels of Nanogen Hair Growth Factors available.
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  • Thicker and healthier hair growth achieved over time - contains the highest levels of Nanogen Hair Growth Factors available
  • Results shown between 2 - 4 months, with daily use
  • Protects hair against free radical damage
  • Non-oily and lightweight
  • Use anytime of the day, on dry hair
  • Suitable for Minoxidil users
  • Dermatologically tested, free from parabens, SLS and formaldehyde donors
  • 30ml is the equivalent of one months use
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Our serum contains the highest levels of Nanogen Hair Growth Factors available. The Nanogen Growth Factor Complex is a blend of peptides and extracts taking an advanced, multi-actioned approach to hair thickening.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair has a natural cycle. Almost as soon as one hair dies, another one starts growing. Nanogen’s Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum helps aid healthy hair growth in three ways:

1: Stimulates Hair Growth

The non-greasy solution contains Hair Growth Factors like the ones already in your body which stimulate growth in all our living cells.

2: Regenerates Hair Follicles

By increasing bulge stem cells which initiate the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle.

3: Increases Hair Anchoring

Reduces shedding by increasing collagen around the follicle which means each hair is held in the scalp for longer.


STEP 1: Use daily after your cleansing and conditioning daily routine on dry hair.

STEP 2: Draw 1ml pipette by pumping the bulb rapidly.

STEP 3: Apply a random pattern of droplets to your dry scalp.

STEP 4: Optionally, massage the droplets into your scalp and then leave to dry. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.


When should I apply my Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum.

You can use your Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum at any point throughout the day. Simply draw 1ml into the pipette by pumping the bulb rapidly. Then apply a random pattern of droplets to your dry scalp. Leave to dry or massage gently into the scalp. It couldn’t be easier. Remember not to exceed the recommended daily amount.

Do your products contain parabens?

While we do not believe parabens are harmful, we understand that some customers are concerned about using them. Therefore, our entire product range is paraben free.

Do you test on animals?

Nanogen are against animal testing and no finished Nanogen products are tested on animals.

How secure are my payments?

All card payments are processed by Sage Pay giving you the highest level of card data security available. We also accept payment via PayPal, helping you complete your purchase safely and hassle free. We only keep your delivery details and order history to help track orders, not your card details. All your data is kept completely confidential. We will never share or sell your information to a third party.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Great product if you use it with healthy diet
    Review by on
    I have bought all Nanogen products for men: Shampoo, Serum, conditioner, fibers etc. to fix my thinning hair problem.
    The Shampoo is a perfect solution for my daily wash as it gives a great volume to my hair, and it also deeply clean your scalp to maximize the absorption of the serum.
    + Smells great
    + Volumize hair
    + Cooling/Soothing effect
    + Deep Scalp cleaning effect

    The Serum takes about 15 minutes to dry and it slightly smells, but after it drys I don't feel the smell and it gives extra volume to my hair.
    The other thing I like about the serum is the glass pipette, which makes it super easy and comfortable to apply the serum.

    - I don't feel the need to use the conditioner everyday, and I only use it when I do not want to apply the serum after hair wash.

    - The hair fibers are good, however I don't like the heavy chemical smells and itchiness effect.

    Based my own experience after trying many solutions and products, I understand that the best solution is the combinations of
    40% Healthy Diets (to detox and weight loss) + 40% Daily Activities (to increase blood flow and metabolism) + 20% Hair care products (Shampoo, Serum, Supplements)

    My Overall Nanogen experience: 8/10
    10/10 for the Shampoo
    7/10 for the Serum
    5/10 for the Conditioner
    4/10 for the Fibers
    8/10 for the Delivery
    6/10 for the price
  • Quality
    Outstanding customer service
    Review by on
    Got the product and started using it Its not greasy and that's a big bonus . Hope it helps with thinning hair. Thanks
  • Quality
    Review by on
    I have bought already 2nd time this product and have been noting my hair growing in a area where i had problems and also more thick. Shampoo is great, since 1st time I wash my hair.
  • Quality
    Enjoying the product
    Review by on
    Its just been a month and a half using this product and even though I don't expect any major differences I do feel like it has helped thicken my hair and how its not greasy at all when I use it during the day. I am going to stick with it and see how it goes ;)
  • Quality
    amazing - this stuff really works!!
    Review by on
    I've heard of growth factors so was keen to try this new serum. Delighted to recommend this to all with fine hair as its been marvellous for me. Hair loss has reduced to what seems like zero and my hair is longer than its ever been since i was a child. It seems to grow more quickly. Very impressed. Thank you - I cant stop smiling
  • Quality
    Great Product!
    Review by on
    A Bit Expensive, But Nonetheless A Great Product. Provides An Instant Cooling Effect On The Scalp. Would Recommend Alongside The Rest Of The Nanogen Range.
  • Quality
    Review by on
    had alopecia aeriata. Used for 3 years & now have full head of hair once more. Never thought it possible. WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. Best treatment on market.
  • Quality
    Review by on
    It Works!!!!! I been using this great product more than a year already. I highly recomended this product for everyone.

  • Quality
    Amazing product
    Review by on
    This product is really good. I have used quite a few products on the market and have found this one to be the most effective. You will see results within 4 weeks if used properly. Definately recommended.
  • Quality
    Epic hair!
    Review by on
    I've been noticing my hair is getting a little bit finer the last couple of years. I read about growth factors in the paper and I've been using this serum and the growth factor shampoo for 2 months now. It took about three weeks to start working but the results are unreal - my hair fall out has totally stopped. I cant see if there is any new hairs but no doubt that the hair loss has reduced as a result of using this product. Even smells nice. Thanks.

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