Liz, London

Absolutely love the product, it has given me much more confidence when going out as now I don't have to worry about my thinning hair at all. Thank you to everyone at Nanogen!

Jane, Northumberland

Nanogen is magic! I suffer from diffuse thinning hair and the worry and horror of it has really ruined my life. I haven't felt like I could go out anywhere, and overnight visiting was out of the question. But now, thanks to Nanogen Keratin Fibres I am feeling that I might even be able to manage a weekend away. My grateful thanks.

Karen, Birmingham

I have used Nanogen fibres for over a year. I have diffuse hair thinning which nobody apart from close friends and family know about as Nanogen Fibres give the illusion of thick, healthy looking hair. I personally could not survive in my job without this product as I have to travel a lot and meet many people. Nanogen has given me the confidence to meet those challenges head on.

Carol, Marlow, Bucks

This has changed my life. My hair no longer looks so sparse now, and I can sit under a light or in sunshine without worrying. It's like a 30 second hair transplant, that's magic!
hair thickener results

Sue, Northampton

Nanogen Fibres have changed my life... I'm no longer embarrassed to go out in public...and the two colours blend with my highlights perfectly!

Isabel, Hemel Hempstead

I am delighted with Nanogen as it gives me the sort of improvement which doesn't embarrass me, Nanogen fibres produce a lightweight transformation and disguises the general thinning hair which I suffer from.
Keratin Hair Building Fibers

Lucy, Peterborough

I was quite surprised the effect the Fibres have, when applied correctly they really do help conceal thinning hair.

Rita, Manchester

Very impressive! I found this product actually does what it says, it really thickens my own fine hair.
Hair Concealing Fibers Reviewed
Hair Concealing Fibers

Jessica, Bournemouth

Great product. I love the Nanogen fibres for thinning hair. They work! Overall the product itself is super.

Linda, Kent

Couldn't live without it. The day I found this my life changed, of course I would like to not have to use it, but I couldn't live without it. Thank you Nanogen!
Hair Thickening Fiber Results
Hair Thickening Fibers Before and After

Anita, Harrow

Been using it for a while and totally covers thin areas and undetectable. Great for the confidence!

Dayna, London

Does what it says. I have thinning hair and this product gives me the confidence not to worry about how I look when I go out . Thank you.
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