man using nanogen hair fibres

How to use hair fibres to amplify your style

Hair fibres have long been a staple in the daily routines of those of us with thinning hair and hair loss, but did you know that they can also be used for all sorts of styling tricks for all hair types?

These versatile little fibres not only add fantastic thickness and coverage, they also give grip and body to hair to prep it for styling into updos, quiffs and braids. They can also help hide extensions clips, grips and much more! As the experts in thicker hair, we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to use fibres to take your hair to new heights (quite literally!).

Concealing bald patches

man concealing bold patches using nanogen hair fibres

Let’s start with the obvious one: concealing balding areas and bare patches caused by hair loss. There’s a reason that fibres are so popular as a hair loss solution, and its because they provide near invisible coverage where you need it most, for both men and women. In just 30 seconds, bald spots are covered and diffuse hair loss is instantly thickened. At Nanogen, our 100% natural Keratin Hair Fibres are designed to give a multi-dimensional finish to avoid looking flat or false and create the effect of real hair strands.

How to: On dry hair, simply shake directly onto balding spots and the areas you need coverage before blending in by patting with your fingers. For the best, most natural-looking results, build up the fibres gradually, blending as you go to minimise overloading the hair.

Adding thickness

woman adding thickness using nanogen hair fibres

Hair fibres work great for thickening out fine and thinning hair textures as they add density at the root. But not all fibres are effective at visibly thickening out each strand, as some just sit on the scalp itself. Be sure to choose a fibres brand that actually gives thickness to the hair. Nanogen’s unique Kinetic Strip gives each fibre a dipolar charge to create a ‘fir-tree’ pattern, which builds up visible density on each hair strand.

How to: Make sure the hair is completely dry, then lightly sprinkle the fibres across the head to give all over thickness. Pat gently with your fingers and apply more if needed.

Boosting volume

Not only can fibres visibly thicken each strand, they can also give fantastic volume to every hair type. Fibres are great for preventing hair from falling flat, particularly long styles which can weigh down the hair. Short hair types can also use fibres to give an added boost and texture wherever needed.

How to: On dry hair, apply fibres directly to the roots across the entire head and focusing on the crown. Pat with your fingers to blend in and repeat if necessary. For extra volume and lift, prep your hair with Root Boost prior to application on wet or dry hair. Allow to dry completely before applying your fibres.

Wide partings

woman making wide partings less visible with nanogen hair fibres

Wide partings can be difficult to work with, but hair fibres can be used to make them less visible. Whether its a centre parting or off to the side, hair building fibres can be sprinkled in to instantly hide wide gaps or unevenness in the parting.

How to: Part your hair as desired, then lightly tap the fibres straight into the parting line, making sure not to apply too much as this can overload the hair. For a side parting, tilt your head slightly to ensure a flat surface for the fibres to land on. Blend in gently with your fingers.

Uneven hairlines

Uneven Hair Lines

A perfectly even hairline is incredibly rare, even in the thickest heads of hair! While most of the time our hairline is hidden, it can be particularly obvious when we style the hair off the face, such as in a ponytail or slicked back. Fibres can be a great option to creating a perfectly even hairline and filling in those pesky baby hairs.

How to: Brush your hair back off of the face to give a view of the hairline. Position a tissue at the hairline to catch any fall out and lightly apply the fibres in the areas that need filling in, such as just above the temples. Blend in with your fingers as you go to keep everything looking natural and seamless. Once finished, simply wipe or brush away any fibres that have landed on your forehead.

Hiding extensions

Woman hiding extensions with nanogen hair fibres

While extensions can be an efficient way to add length and fullness to your natural hair, one of their pitfalls is that the clips can be easily visible depending on how you style it. Hair fibres can be a fantastic way of hiding them, allowing you to wear your hair up without worrying.

How to: Insert your extensions and style them as normal. To hide the clip, lift up the surrounding hair and apply the fibres directly around and on to the clip, blending as you go to ensure a completely seamless result. Repeat for each individual clip and any seams and style your hair back over.


Man hiding quiffs with nanogen hair fibres

Many men (and women!) know how tricky it can be to create the perfect quiff, but hair fibres can be the secret weapon to getting great height that doesn’t fall flat. Whether you want to create a messy, textured quiff or a high, slicked back pompadour, adding fibres into your locks will help to thicken out any style.

How to: Style your quiff as usual (top tip: use a hairdryer and a round barrel brush to supercharge the lift and height). Once you are happy, gently apply the fibres into the quiff to build out the fullness and thicken out any sparse areas.


Braids are a huge trend for female hair, but those big festival braids can be harder than it looks to achieve without the right products. Hair fibres not only add extra body to the hair, they also give an element of grip needed to keep chunky braids in place.

How to: On dry hair, lightly apply fibres to the hair you wish to braid and blend them in with your fingers. Plait the hair as normal. To add even more thickness, sprinkle them into the braid itself and tease it with your fingers.