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9 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence. Illusive, invisible, but so important to leading a healthy, happy life. Problem is, surprisingly very few of us have it. In fact, 85% of people across the globe are reportedly affected by low self-esteem, which means a huge number of us are struggling to back ourselves at work, in relationships and even at home.

So how do you improve your confidence? Sadly, there is no miraculous wonder cure to banish low self-esteem (yet!) but there are a few simple ways to boost your confidence. It may be a gradual process, but take a look at these ideas to start you in the right direction.

Change your body language

Change your body language

You’ll be amazed at how much slight changes in the way you hold yourself can affect your overall sense of self. Better posture, making eye contact and even smiling more can do wonders for your self-esteem, as well as making yourself more present and aware of the people around you.

Question your critic

Feelings of doubt and low self-worth can be the ringleader of low confidence, but are they really worth listening to? Think about it this way: would you let someone else talk to you or a loved one the way your inner critic talks to yourself? No, didn’t think so! Try and block out negative thoughts with positive affirmations or memories of when you did something great.

Accept the compliment

Whenever anyone gives us a compliment, our automatic reaction can be to deflect and defend with a self-deprecating remark. But accepting the compliment with a simple ‘thank you’ is not only the gracious way to respond but also allows us to take in the positive!

Try a confidence app

There are plenty of mind and wellness apps that can be a great way to guide you on your journey to a better sense of self. For example, Happier offers five steps to help you change what you can and accept what you can’t, while ThinkUp delivers daily positive affirmations. Try a few and see what works, but remember to take time away from screens every so often…

Put down your phone!

These days we are bombarded with images of seemingly perfect people, living perfect lives in perfect places… and getting paid to do so. While they can be great motivators, constantly comparing yourself to the image of perfection can have majorly damaging effects on your confidence. Don’t compare your behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel; just look at the reasons why Australian blogger Essena O’Neill quit Instagram for a poignant example of this. Remember to take time out from screens and focus on the great things in your own life.

Give a helping hand

Change your body language

Simply being there for someone else can give you a positive boost. Helping friends, family or even a complete stranger not only builds relationships but also confirms the fact that you are important and have a lot to offer.

Take on the challenge

Ok so the idea of running a marathon may scare you into hiding (us too!), but having a major goal to aim for can be a fantastic way to focus your mind on something positive. Physical challenges are always popular, but if that’s not what you’re into, try learning something new with a course or evening classes. You could even aim to overcome a long-held fear. Ultimately, the more you put yourself outside your comfort zone the greater the feeling of achievement you’ll feel at the end.

Give yourself a boost...

Change your body language

Okay, so confidence starts from within… but a little external help doesn’t hurt! Taking care of your appearance can do wonders for your confidence, and having great hair is a perfect starting point, particularly if yours is looking a little lacklustre. Using products that help it look its absolute best can be all you need for a little confidence boost. Try Nanogen’s Thickening Treatment range for that extra hit of body and bounce...and a killer red lip! On that note, a bold, bright lipstick can be the cherry on top of a confident woman. Choose just the right shade for your skin tone and rock it! The compliments alone will make you feel like a superwoman.