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Photo of Sharna smilling for Nanogen


Sharna, 28

Fibre shade NO.3

Having suffered from iron deficiency anaemia throughout her life, Sharna’s hair loss journey started at just 15 years old. The condition has caused her to endure severe hair loss twice over. The lasting effects of which include thin, weak hair , a complete change in it’s texture and a huge impact on her self confidence.

My Story

You don’t realise until your hair gets taken away from you just how much it is part of your persona. It’s who you are. Sharna, Singer, 28

The Results

On discovering hair fibres, Sharna was blown away by the difference they made to her hair, not to mention her confidence. Although her hair is gradually getting back to ‘normal’, Keratin Hair Fibres allow her to fill in the remaining thin spots and give her the extra boost she needs.

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