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If there’s one thing that never goes out of style its healthy hair, and choosing the best heat protection spray can be key to achieving it. We all have visions of strong, shiny, virgin tresses, the likes of which have never been touched by a heated styler or dodgy box dye. Hair that brings out our inner goddess and transforms us into the Victoria’s Secret model that we really are.

Unfortunately, life intervenes, and we realise that the reality of a modern woman means a lot more than frolicking around wearing a pair of wings. Part of that reality is that our hair is subject to a lot more damaging factors then it can handle on its own. Pollution, ever-changing trends and hair dyes can all have a major impact on the health of our hair. But arguably the most consistent source of damage comes from heated stylers. You know, hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs… the very the tools that help our hair look it’s most beautiful.

Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of heat protection products. These clever little bodyguards mean we can carry on styling our hair without worrying about the damaging effects. But it comes in so many forms, how do you pick the best heat protection spray for your hair? Luckily, hair care experts Nanogen are here with a complete guide to choosing the best heat protecting spray for your hair. Whatever your hair type, we’ve got you covered.

Why do you need to find the best heat protection spray?
The science behind the best heat protection spray
How to find the best heat protection spray for your hair type
How to use the best heat protection spray

Why do you need to find the best heat protection spray?

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As we mentioned before, life isn’t perfect. Our hair goes through so much stress every day, from increased air pollution, dirt and the drying effects of the weather, and in reality, it’s impossible to protect it against everything. The one thing we can help it deal with is heat styling. Every time we use heated styling tools, we are burning and scorching the hair, damaging the shaft and causing it become weak, fragile and more prone to breakage. That same heat also causes intense dehydration which results in the dreaded ‘straw-like’ texture. On top of all that, the keratin protein that makes up the majority of hair is also broken down when exposed to excessive heat. What does this mean? Hair that loses its strength, elasticity, shine and natural texture. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well using a heat protection spray every time you use heat is like applying sunscreen to your skin before you sunbathe. It helps shield your hair from all those harmful processes and keeping it looking shiny, healthy and happy.

Using a heat protection spray can protect against:

  1. Burnt, scorched hair
  2. Intense dehydration
  3. Break down of keratin
  4. Loss of elasticity
  5. Weakened hair cuticles
  6. Breakage
  7. Dull, frizzy hair

The science behind the best heat protection spray

The science behind heat protection sprays varies slightly from brand to brand, however, the best heat protection spray in the UK boasts significant research and ingredients to back up its claims. It can also offer a host of other benefits for hair, including smoothing, defining and repairing properties.

In general, look out for these four ingredients when you’re buying heat protection to guarantee a product that will shield your locks for blow drys to come:

  1. Keratin - This is a key structural protein, and considered one of the building blocks of your hair. Adding keratin back into the hair helps strengthen it and results in shinier, more manageable lengths.
  2. Thermo-absorbers - Thermo absorbers dramatically reduce the damage to the surface of the hair which occurs during heat styling.
  3. Hydrolyzed Chestnut Extract - This natural extract lays on top of the surface of the hair and repairs its surface, even when it is extremely damaged by the stressful procedure of heat styling. This results in less damage and a smoother, shinier surface.
  4. Panthenol - Panthenol attracts water to itself, giving the hair follicle intense hydration while smoothing down the cuticle to leave hair nourished and healthy.

How to find the best heat protection spray for your hair type

Now to the nitty-gritty: how do you pick the best heat protecting spray for your hair type? We’ve broken down the following section by common hair concerns, so you can find out exactly what to look for in your heat protectant. Just find your hair type and see what you should be buying. Simple enough, right?

Curly hair

Beautiful curly hair á la Carrie Bradshaw tends to be thick and can be unruly, so opt for a detangling creme formula to evenly coat the hair. Look for hydrating and curl defining benefits to keep curls moisturised while making the most of that fantastic texture.

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Dry hair

Possibly one of the most common hair complaints, the best thing you can do for dry hair is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! A nourishing creme formula is your best bet for super dry strands, although hydrating sprays infused with oils and vitamins will also act like a big drink of water for parched tresses.

Damaged hair

If your hair has suffered a lot in its lifetime, you’ll need to find a heat protectant that promises reparative benefits. Opt for intensely restorative serums that condition while adding vital proteins and vitamins back into the hair to give it the TLC it deserves.

Thin hair

Anyone with thin or fine hair will be wary of adding extra product into their regime, but there are a select few heat protecting sprays that are specifically formulated to add lift and volume at the roots. All while protecting your delicate locks! Look for super lightweight formulas that include caffeine, natural sea salt and lifting polymers to give hair that added boost.

Colour treated hair

As much as we love following the latest colour trends, it can cause major havoc to the health of our hair. Much like damaged tresses, dyed or bleached hair needs that little extra help to get it back to fighting fit. In addition to caring, restorative formulas, make sure to look for colour-safe options to help prevent your colour fading.

Frizzy hair

If your hair is prone to flyaways, your best heat protecting spray will feature argan or marula oil to tame unruly lengths. The right spray can also help reduce static and impart beautiful sleekness and a shine that lasts.

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Those of us with extensions know how much we put them through on a daily basis... they need protection too! The advice for removable extensions, like clip-ins, is to not wash them too often, so using a super light heat protecting spray will help avoid product build up.

How to use heat protection spray

So you’ve found the best heat protection spray for your hair type, you know why you need to use it, but how do you actually get the best from it? Easy!

After washing your hair, gently towel dry it and liberally apply the heat protecting spray, from root to tip. If you’re using a spray formula, make sure to give your hair an even spritz, and if you’re using a cream or serum, remember to apply it along your hairline where your hair is naturally weaker.

Some formulas are even designed to work on dry hair, making them ideal for using with straighteners and curling tongs. Apply in sections as you work through the head with your chosen styling tool to ensure an even barrier against damage.


The best protection against heat damage is to not use heat at all. Try and regularly give your hair some time off from the hot tools to help keep it healthy, strong and happy. For some great ways to air dry your tresses, check out the suggestions on our How to Make Your Hair Thicker blog.