top best groom hairstyles for 2018

The top 10 best groom hairstyles for 2018

Still looking for the best groom hairstyle to rock on your wedding day? Well, look no further. Nanogen, the UK’s #1 expert in thicker hair, has searched high and low for the latest men’s hair trends for 2018, so you don’t have to. From man buns to tight fades, we’ve compiled the very best groom hairstyles for all hair types and lengths, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for the big day.

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Skin fade and side part

A skin fade is the perfect groom hairstyle for guys who want to keep it neat and tidy, yet still on trend. A defined side parting and slicked over crown adds a bit of shape on top and perfectly complements any facial hair.

Textured on top

If you have curly or wavy hair, the best way to show it off is by leaving it long on top and shorter on the sides. Working a small amount of curl defining cream through the lengths will make the most of the texture and keep it looking perfectly effortless all day.

Low man bun

Man buns really aren’t going anywhere! Still a staple trend for 2018, the man bun is a perfect groom hairstyle for gents with long locks. Tying it low at the nape of the neck keeps it looking smart and understated. Make sure you use a hair tie the same colour as your hair so as not to clash with your colour scheme.

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Slicked back

A slicked-back style is a failsafe way to look smart on your wedding day. Whether you use clay, pomade or gel, try not to overload your hair with product as this can make it look greasy and flat.

The classic undercut

Much like the skin fade, the undercut can be a great way to look smart with an edge on your wedding day. Keep it long on top and style it neat or slightly messy, depending on your personal style!

Short and simple

For the ultimate low maintenance wedding groom hairstyle, a short buzz cut is still a great option for a groom hairstyle. Make sure you get it clipped a day or so before to keep it looking fresh for the big day.

The English gentleman

Go full Hugh Grant with effortlessly swept back lengths! This can work particularly well with thick, wavy hair types to achieve that slightly dishevelled look. Need an extra bit of lift? Spritz a root boosting spray all over for that added volume.

Short pompadour

A traditional pompadour can be a bit too much for some men on their wedding day, so instead, take inspiration with a short version of the classic. Use a pomade and comb to achieve the iconic ‘lined’ texture and add a slight quiff before slicking it back.

Wild and free

Thanks to a certain Norse superhero, more and more guys are growing their hair out - and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace your long locks on your big day! To keep it wedding groom hairstyle appropriate, make sure to get it freshly washed and trimmed to stop it looking too ratty.

The extra height of a quiff can work wonders for round face shapes. Update the traditional ‘straight up’ quiff by curling the top over to the front, creating a ‘cresting wave’ effect.

The best way to make the most of your hair on your big day is to keep it healthy and thick with the right products. Using a thickening 5 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is ideal for busy grooms-to-be to use in the run-up to the day, as it will visibly add thickness and strength to hair. For best results start using around two to three months before the day itself.

What do you think of our run-down of the best groom hairstyles for 2018? Will you be wearing any of them to your wedding?