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When to use Hair Fibres

Keratin Hair Fibres are incredibly versatile, and can be used to instantly thicken hair whenever you need it. In just 30 seconds, you can fill out thin hair and conceal bare patches with ease, making them perfect for everyday use, or for enhancing your look for special occasions.

We all need that extra boost of confidence sometimes, and Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres is your secret weapon.


Many of our loyal Keratin Hair Fibres users swear by them for their everyday concealing and thickening needs. Thanks to their instant results, they fit into even the most hectic morning routines as a finishing touch to your look. Conceal thinning and bald spots, even out the hairline or just add a little extra thickness in just 30 seconds without the hassle.

Not only are they easy to apply, they’re also built to last all day thanks to their innovative technology which gives them an incredible 400%* better binding than it’s leading competitor. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your fibres won’t budge, whatever your day brings.

Battling the Boardroom

Got an important meeting that you want to impress? Need a bit of self-esteem boost to ace that sales pitch? Keratin Hair Fibres are perfect for when you have bigger things to worry about than your hair.

Simply shake on for thickness and coverage where you need it, letting you be that little bit more confident in your own self and showing thin, lifeless hair who’s boss.

The Big Day

There are already a million and one things to worry about on your wedding day, don’t let thin hair be one of them.

Not only can Keratin Hair Fibres help thicken out fine hair types and conceal thinning, they’re also a great tool for creating the perfect up-do, or for adding a little extra grip to support a veil.

Just apply before you style to help achieve your perfect look, without worrying about fall out or staining.

Date night

First dates can be nerve wracking enough without worrying about thin hair.

Keratin Hair Fibres are ideal to help you create that perfect impression, whether on a first date or the 51st! Add them into your date night prep for thickness and coverage that lasts all day (and all night if you’re lucky!).


You’ve booked your flights, stocked up on sun cream and got your passports ready, but what about ensuring your hair looks great from beach to bar?

Our Keratin Hair Fibres are wind resistant so they won’t budge in that coastal breeze (they’re also rain resistant but let’s hope that’s not needed!) and when used in conjunction with our Hair Fibre Locking Spray, they are also completely waterproof! So you can hit the pool or simply lie back, relax and enjoy.

On the Treadmill

Whether you’re hitting the gym, having a kickabout with mates or stretching out with some yoga, Keratin Hair Fibres can withstand even the sweatiest workouts.

Thanks to its unique Colour Lock Technology, our fibres are completely bleed proof and stain resistant, meaning the colour won’t run or leak out in water. Our compact jars also fit perfectly into your gym bag for post-training touch ups.

Hiding Extensions

Hair extensions are increasingly popular for achieving super long locks, but many extensions systems can be easily spotted, particular clip ins. Keratin Hair Fibres actually help to conceal clips, creating a completely seamless look.

Simply apply directly over and around the individual clips and seams of the extensions to conceal and add much needed grip to the hair.

Even out the Hairline

Even if you don’t suffer from hair loss or thinning, many people have an uneven hairline and this can be easily tidied up with our Keratin Hair Fibres.

When applied around the hairline, fibres can help thicken up baby hairs and fill in unevenness, helping to frame the face and create a more ‘put together’ look.

Night out

All of us want to look our absolute best on a night out, and Keratin Hair Fibres are perfect for conceal thinning and bald spots to help you achieve that. Adding just 30 seconds onto your getting ready time, Keratin Hair Fibres can also help you create almost any hairstyle to complement your look by adding grip and fullness.

Our unique technologies also mean they’ll stay put when you hit the dancefloor, even if you’re out into the small hours of the morning.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Many new mums experience what is called postpartum hair loss, an increase in hair shedding in the months after giving birth.

While this is completely normal and usually rights itself within the first year, it can often be the last thing new mothers want to deal with! Keratin Hair Fibres are the perfect, hassle free solution to hide any thinness you experience, letting you get on with the more important things!