Working for many years as a close friend of our founder, meet Nanogen’s hair loss guru and inside soundboard for all things hair loss - Spencer Stevenson. We know many of you go to Spex’s site for advice, so do we. He has his finger on the pulse for when it comes to consumer expectations and we know he talks to so many of you…

Check out below our latest interview with Spencer, all about his hair loss journey.

Q: Throughout your own hair journey, what hair loss myths have you come across that you can now shed some light on?

I’ve come across countless myths and some would possibly make you even laugh out loud they are so outrageous.

I wrote an article for The Telegraph on several hair loss myths, however the best ones I’ve heard of, have to be that 'wearing a hat causes hair loss', which is complete rubbish and really not true at all - so don’t worry if you wear a hat regularly, as it won't cause your hair to fall out.

Another common myth is 'too much or not enough washing of your hair causes hair loss', but again not true. Too much sun exposure doesn’t cause hair loss either so rest assured you don’t have to worry about letting your hair down.

The biggest myth or misunderstanding is that stress causes hair loss. Yes it can cause temporary loss, but it’s not in anyway related to male pattern baldness and it's common many men cling onto this in the hope they’ve not got the very common dreaded gene.

Q: What did you try throughout your own quest for thicker hair and what would you now recommend?

I’ve experimented with countless products over the last twenty years. I’ve tried many vitamins as well as topical treatments which didn’t really do much to help the loss, but improved the general health of my hair.

I attempted laser treatments with unsuccessful results and even tried a couple of wig options too. After many years with no success I fortunately found success in preventing further loss via FDA approved 1mg finasteride. This stopped the progression of further hair loss in the mid /crown area and even thicken things up there too.

I then decided to venture down the hair transplant road in order to help restore and regrow hair in the frontal region, where I needed it most. I experienced a bumpy road with hair transplants, but fortunately lived to tell the tale and now provide help in this area to many around the world.

Q: Did losing your hair affect your identity/ confidence at the time?

Hair loss affected my self confidence and identity massively. Until you lose your hair it’s very difficult to comprehend how much it can affect your self esteem and self worth and personally for me as it is for many others it was traumatic. Hair plays a huge part in identity and it’s vital if you’re starting to have the realisation you are losing your hair, that there is a huge emotional aspect to consider and understand.

There is a radio show The Bald Truth which runs weekly and caters to men with Male Pattern Baldness to call in any share their concerns and anxieties as hair loss is a hidden epidemic and many suffer in silence which on compounds the issue and increases the fears associated with it. Hair loss is a cancer of the spirit and truly devastating and it’s important to talk to someone about it to help process it. There are options available and it’s important to know you are not alone and ‘im here to help in any way I can.

Q: How did using Nanogen’s Keratin Hair Fibres help with your confidence, at the time you used them?

Nanogen’s fibres helped me massively when my hair was thinning and after I had my initial hair transplants. It enabled me to disguise my thin hair and poor hair transplants very well indeed. Nanogen’s thickening fibres helped increase density and mask the thin areas very naturally. They provided me a great deal of confidence as they enabled me to interact in public without wearing my hat and without being self conscious that everyone was looking at my hair. They were a massive life line for me!

Q: Who would you recommend fibres to and at what stage of their hair loss Journey?

The great thing about Nanogen’s fibres is that they can help everyone at whatever stage of hair loss they are experiencing, as they provide great flexibility and ease. You can apply the appropriate amount required to help give you the increased density and illusion of hair required depending on your own loss. The great thing too is that their fibres are very easy to apply and remove easily so they present no restrictions. If your hair loss causes you concern then Nanogen fibres are certainly worth experimenting with. They can help you buy you some time and enable you to not worry too much in the short term, while you find a solution to treat your hair loss if you wish to.

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