Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres are the perfect way to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. Nanogen hair fibres can be applied easily to conceal any areas of hair thinning or scalp show through in seconds.

STEP 1: Style your hair as normal. Lightly sprinkle on areas of hair where thicker hair or volume is needed.
STEP 2: Gently blend the fibres with your fingers. This helps to create a more natural, seamless finish.
STEP 3: For best results and ultimate hold in all the elements use Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray. For a secure hold, hold the bottle 10cm from your hair and spray four to eight times.

Remember less is more! Start gently and build layers of fibres until desired volume is achieved.
If you are mixing different shades for a natural finish, use the darker colour first as a base, and then use the lighter colour fibres to touch up.
Simply wash out with shampoo.

We recommend to style your hair before applying Nanogen Hair Fibres. Brushing may remove some fibres.

If you do need to brush you hair we suggest using your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

We recommend that you style your hair with heated appliances before applying the fibres to add density and volume.

Applying gels, waxes etc. after applying Nanogen Hair Fibres may affect the natural look and application. Use styling products first and allow to dry before applying Nanogen Hair Fibres.

It is perfectly safe to leave Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres in your hair overnight. If you find a few stray fibres on your pillow case in the morning simply brush them away.

Simply wash out with shampoo.

Nanogen’s complete range of shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to completely remove hair fibres.

Nanogen Hair Fibres bind securely to the hair, optimised by the ground-breaking Kinetic™ Technology. For complete confidence and resistance to wind, rain and perspiration simply spray Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray after applying Nanogen Hair Fibres.

The perfect partner to Nanogen Hair Fibres; this natural Hair Fibre Locking Spray is specially formulated to hold Nanogen Hair Fibres in place through wind, rain and perspiration. Our Hair Fibre Locking Spray uses patented styling polymers, translucent shine enhancers and colour protecting UV filters that shield each hair fibre from colour damage. This ensures your hair stays looking thick and healthy all day.

This depends on how liberally or sparingly Nanogen Hair Fibres are used. On average the 15g jar is approximately one month supply and the 30g is a two month supply.

Nanogen Hair Fibres will not clog your scalp and are suitable for use when applying Minoxidil or any other topical treatment.

Nanogen fibres work really well after hair transplants. The transplanted hairs can be used as a base upon which to build your hairstyle using our fabulous range of cosmetic products which deliver a natural-looking thicker and fuller head of hair with instant results in just 30 seconds. We have many customers who use our product range after hair transplant surgery. But naturally you would want to allow the skin incisions to heal (or scab over) before applying any cosmetic products so as to help prevent any potential contimination or infection. This may be a few days or weeks.

PRECAUTION: Please consult a medical professional, or your hair transplant surgeon to establish when you can start using fibres.

You should avoid inhaling Nanogen Hair Fibres, but if you did inhale a few there’s no need to panic. It may make you cough a little or not. Our fibres are non toxic and they will leave the lungs in the same way as any other breathable particles.

No. Nanogen Hair Fibres will not stain clothes, bedding or any other surface, if accidentally dropped just simply brush off or clean with a cloth. See colour lock for more details.


Nanogen Hair Fibres will work on any degree of hair loss, up to a Norwood scale of 5, providing there is still some fine hairs present on the scalp.

With our patented Kinetic™ technology and unique fir tree pattern, Nanogen Hair Fibres work by binding the fibre to your existing hair using an electrostatic charge. This will add density and volume to give a full look of coverage.

Nanogen Hair Fibres are the perfect way to add volume and thickness to fine hair. Use as a styling tool to boost roots, to create the perfect hairstyle, to hide hair extension clips or wide partings.

Top Tips:
1) Shake the fibres throughout your hair, from root to tip. Use your fingers to drag the fibres throughout your locks; as the fibres cling to your existing natural hair, this will thicken out the hair throughout, as well as any finer areas on the scalp.
2) Even those of us with the thickest hair know the struggle of fine gaps or baby hairs when we have our hair up. If when you style your hair, you want to conceal those finer areas around the front of your hairline or throughout the back of your updo style, simply tap the fibres in the areas needed to achieve a seamless and chic look.

Lightweight and glue free hair extensions are a great way to thicken your natural hair instantly. However, those of you who have them will understand the hassle of trying to hide and conceal the clips, so they remain invisible. Nanogen Hair Fibres are the ultimate styling secret when it comes to hiding extension clips; simply sprinkle over the areas where the clips are most visible and see how they disappear in just a few seconds. It’s that simple and gives you the flexibility to style your hair however you want without fear of revealing your extension clips.


Follow this guide:
1. Look in the mirror. Look at your hair root colour. This is the colour to order.
2. If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root colour.
3. When in doubt, choose the darker shade. We also have a colour matching service, so if you are unsure, please email us a photo of your hair to hello@nanogen.com for assistance.

For all shades see What Shade Are You?

Simply order the nearest colours to your hair and mix the fibres until you find the right blend to suit you, for the best results please follow these three easy steps:
Step 1: Apply a thin layer of darker shade of Nanogen Hair Fibres, lightly pat your hair to disperse the product.
Step 2: Apply the lighter shade of Nanogen Hair Fibres and again gently pat your hair to even out the product.
Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 if necessary to get the desired coverage and look.

For all shades see What Shade Are You?


Nanogen are against animal testing and no finished Nanogen products are tested on animals. See looking after the planet for more information.

While we do not believe parabens are harmful, we understand that some people are concerned about using them. Therefore, our entire product range is paraben free.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a surfactant and is very good at cleaning and generating rich lather. But it can be irritating for people. Sulphate alternatives tend to have weak foam and not clean hair as well. We use ALS which has all the cleaning and foaming properties of SLS but without the irritation. ALS is a larger molecule than SLS making it harder to penetrate the scalp skin and thus is far milder. Nanogen as a brand is 100% SLS free.

Yes they are suitable for coloured hair, however for best colour maintenance, we suggest using no more frequently than every other day.

Yes, our range is completely compatible with treatments options such as Minoxidil.

We advise that you use both products every time you wash your hair. For best results use together as part of your regime.


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Yes, for orders over £10 we offer free standard UK delivery. Select “Free Shipping” option at checkout.

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