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A hair regrowth shampoo that works: The definitive guide

A hair regrowth shampoo that works: The definitive guide

For those of us experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works can sometimes be a struggle. There’s a seemingly endless number of shampoos boasting all sorts of claims about curing thin hair, a lot of which simply don’t live up to the hype. Trying one after another can not only be expensive but also demoralising, leaving us feeling stuck with our thin hair... and an even thinner wallet.

But there are actually a precious few diamonds in the rough, formulated with the right ingredients and backed by science. So how do we find them? How do we sort fact from fake news? Let Nanogen, the UK’s No. 1 expert in thicker hair, guide you in your search for a hair regrowth shampoo that actually works.

  1. Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: Things to remember
  2. Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: Ingredients to look for
  3. Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: What to avoid
  4. Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: How to use it

Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: Things to remember

Before we start, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind on your search for thicker hair.

Hair loss and thinning can be attributed to a huge range of factors, including diet, lifestyle and even hereditary traits. While it can be difficult to know exactly what’s causing your hair to thin without speaking to a trichologist or doctor, making small changes to your habits could make a huge difference to the quality and density of your hair. Even something as simple as ditching the hair dryer or eating more protein can help. For more ideas and advice, make sure to take a look at our How To Make Your Hair Thicker blog post.

It’s also important to remember that no two heads of hair are the same. While some hair types may respond quickly to certain ingredients, others can take longer to show results. Getting the thicker, fuller hair you’ve been dreaming of is a process, so try and be patient. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: Ingredients to look for

Looking for shampoos that are backed by science and packed with proven, active ingredients is your best route to finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works. A lot of products will claim to add thickness, encourage hair growth and keep hair loss at bay. But in reality, unless they have scientific, results-driven proof, they simply won’t give the visible effects you want. Make sure to look out for these ingredients on your search for a hair regrowth shampoo to give you the best chance of picking one that works… at last!

  • Redensifying peptides:prevent our hair follicles from shrinking by increasing the collagen around it. They also increase hair anchoring which prevents shedding and keeps hair thicker for longer.
  • Pea sprout extract:This regulates important proteins which stimulate an increase in hair cells to provide density and thickness to our hair.
  • Chamomile:This natural anti-inflammatory is famous for its calming effects. It’s soothing and antioxidant effects are ideal for our scalps and help keep it happy and healthy.
  • Aloe vera:Similar to the effects of chamomile, aloe vera helps soothe and heal the scalp, preventing free radicals and leaving it the ideal environment for hair growth.
  • Beta glucan:Despite the science-y name, beta-glucan is a natural compound extracted from plants and is shown to stimulate growth, collagen and improves hair’s strength, all of which helps to reduce breakage. It also reduces the appearance of redness and gives gentle relief from itchy and irritated scalps.
  • As well as picking the right ingredients, looking for products that are backed by extensive scientific research will ensure that the formula really does promote hair regrowth. It’s also important to consider any other products you use on your hair to make sure that the shampoo you use will work with it.

    For instance, if you use minoxidil, be sure to find a shampoo that is suitable to use alongside it. Or if you colour your hair, go for a formula that is colour-safe and won’t fade your shade. Also if you use thickening hair fibres, be sure to pick a shampoo that really breaks them down and gets rid of build up.

    Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: What to avoid

    Finding a shampoo with the right ingredients to encourage healthy hair growth is one thing, but finding one that isn’t also packed with nasty, irritating or unnecessary chemicals can be just as difficult. All too often, ingredients that are damaging to hair are added into products to bulk out, add fragrance, or dare we say it…limit your hair thickening to keep you buying their hair regrowth shampoo! We know, its a manipulative tactic, so that’s why we’ve highlighted a couple of ingredients you must avoid in your hair regrowth shampoo.

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate:Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. are used to make shampoos (and household cleaners!) lather and are inexpensive to use, which is why more than 90% of shampoos contain them. However, they have the potential to cause untold damage to your hair and scalp. SLS dissolves all the scalp’s natural oils, leaving it dry, tight and itchy. Worse still, they can be corrosive and damaging to your hair follicles which leads to hair loss!
  • Mineral oil:Mineral oils (or liquid paraffin) can have moisturising properties for our skin, but in reality the harm they cause outweighs their benefits. The oil can clog pores which causes frizziness and dandruff, and it can even irritate the follicles and disrupt the healthy hair growth cycle.
  • Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works: How to use it

    So you now know how to find a hair regrowth shampoo that works, now it’s time for you to use it! You may think it’s as simple as a quick scrub in the shower, but encouraging new hair growth requires that little extra TLC. Here are our top tips for getting the best results from a shampoo for hair growth and thickness:

    1. Depending on your hair type, washing every 2-3 days should be enough to keep your hair clean without over-washing and stripping the hair of natural oils. If you have coloured hair, remember that washing it too often can cause it to fade.
    2. Make sure you thoroughly wet the hair with warm (not hot!) water. This will help open up the cuticle and loosen the oils in your scalp, prepping it for a good cleanse.
    3. Massage about a 50p/dime size amount of shampoo into your scalp, avoiding the lengths as this can dry out ends. The best way to encourage hair growth is to take time to gently massage the scalp in vertical strokes - this will help increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the hair follicle.
    4. Repeat! Particularly if you are using a sulfate-free shampoo (which you should be), you will need to double cleanse to really rid your hair and scalp of any impurities. Not only will this keep your hair cleaner for longer, but it will also prep the scalp for new hair growth.
    5. Follow with a conditioner. It’s best to go for a conditioner that is designed to work together with your shampoo to give you optimum results. If you have time, try and leave your conditioner on for as long as possible, or use a moisturising hair mask to keep your hair detangled and hydrated.
    6. Rinse with cold water. Okay, so this might be a tough one to handle in those early morning showers, but rinsing your hair with cold water will help close up the cuticle, creating a seal along the shaft, resulting in shiny tresses for days!


    To find the best hair growth shampoo that works, here are a few key things to bear in mind:

  • Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate as it can strip the hair of essential moisture.
  • Avoid mineral oil which causes frizziness and clogs pores.
  • Look for ingredients like redensifying peptides, beta-glucan and aloe vera to rebuild, hydrate and calm the scalp.
  • Opt for clinically tested formulas that give real results.
  • Wash every 2-3 days to prevent from dehydration.
  • Follow up with a compatible lightweight conditioner or choose a 2 in 1 formula to keep hair moisturised and frizz-free.
  • Wash every 2-3 days to prevent from dehydration.
  • Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle and add shine.
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations, they are often your best advisors.
  • Be patient with your hair growth - it can take a long time to see results.
  • Remember no two heads of hair are the same, you may need to shop around before you find your perfect match.

  • Are you still trying to find a hair regrowth shampoo that actually works? Why not chat to one of our advisors, or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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