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How to stimulate hair growth by brushing?

How to stimulate hair growth by brushing?

The question of how to stimulate hair growth has been asked across the nation for centuries. We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale that brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it grow longer and longer every day. So, the real question is, could regularly brushing your hair actually stimulate hair growth?

Does brushing hair make it grow?

There is evidence to suggest that there are many benefits of brushing hair. First off, brushing your hair with the right kind of hair brush helps to evenly distribute the natural oils created by your scalp. Brushing these nutrient-rich oils through your lengths and ends gives them an injection of moisture that has an amazing range of benefits for your hair health, including anti-frizz, sleekness, and shine. Not only that, but the oils also nourish the roots and keep the scalp moisturised which promotes healthy hair growth.

Secondly, when we brush our hair the bristles gently massage the scalp, which in turn increases blood flow. More blood to the scalp means more nutrients and oxygen to stimulate hair follicles, making them healthier and improving their ability to grow healthy hair.

Although brushing hair does not regrow hair, it does boost hair growth. Who would have thought there would be so many pros of brushing hair? Now the question of how to stimulate hair growth seems far more simple.

Can brushing too much cause damage?

In short, yes, although exactly how much is too much isn’t exactly clear. Vigorously raking a brush through your hair every morning, noon and night is definitely going to weaken the strands and cause breakage, particularly if you’re using the wrong brush (more on that later).

You could also be doing damage by brushing your hair the wrong way i.e. straight from the root to the tip. This can pull out hair straight from the root, particularly if you come across those dreaded knots. Instead, hold your hair and start brushing the ends first before gradually working your way in sections to the top of your head. This will encourage hair growth and protect your hair from damage.

The other way that brushing can cause damage is if you brush it while it’s still wet. Our hair strands are weaker when they’re wet or damp, which means they’re more susceptible to breakage. Pulling a hairbrush through wet hair can create more tension and can end up snapping the hair. How to do a hair massage with a brush There is nothing more relaxing than a hair massage. Great news - you don’t have to wait for your partner to massage your hair for you - or book in for a professional appointment. You can massage your hair by yourself - with a brush. After applying shampoo to your soaked hair, gently massage your scalp with a scalp massaging shampoo brush for approximately five minutes.

This relaxing process will allow for a thorough clean, removing dirty and dead skin cells from your head and making sure there is no shampoo buildup. Scalp massages enhance blood flow to the scalp, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your hair. In turn, this stimulates hair follicles and enhances the hair’s ability to grow.

How to stimulate hair growth: The best brush for hair growth

More often than not, the damage we cause to our hair can be largely blamed on one thing: the brush we use. With various types of brushes to choose from, it’s no wonder we often end up picking the wrong one.

First things first, if you’re using one with little plastic balls on the end of the bristles, put it down NOW! This is the worst type of brush for your hair, as it can get wrapped around the balls and pulled out as a result. The other thing to remember is not to use a brush with sharp bristles as these can snag the hair and cause breakage.

The holy grail of hair brushes to encourage hair growth and enjoy a hair massage is the boar bristle brush. Because the natural bristles have the inherent flexibility to them, they are a lot more gentle on hair and less likely to cause breakage. Boar bristle brushes are also the best at distributing essential oils throughout the hair shaft, ensuring that hair is kept moisturised and healthy. They are definitely the best bet for brushing hair to stimulate growth. Is it better to brush or comb hair? This topic is much-debated among hair stylists and novices alike. So, is it better to brush or comb hair? When your hair is wet, it is better to brush it with a wide-tooth comb. Brushing your hair with a brush when wet will only increase or aggravate its number of tangles. On the other hand, brushing stimulates the release of natural oils in the hair. To put it simply - one style is not better than the other - but they do serve different purposes for hair.

So, in answer to the question of how to stimulate hair growth, the answer is: it depends. Brushing your hair can have really beneficial effects on your hair and encourage it to grow, as long as you’re not doing it too much, too roughly or with the wrong brush. We would always recommend a boar bristle brush and gentle technique to help stimulate hair growth.

What do you think? Has brushing your hair helped your hair growth? Or maybe you’ve ditched the hairbrush altogether? We want to hear your stories.

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