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Lots of us guys want thick hair. But not all of us are lucky enough to keep hold of it, particularly as we get older. Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of us could benefit from a little more help on top. And even if we’re not thinning out, today’s styles require thicker, fuller hair than ever before. Surely now’s the time to find out exactly how to get thicker hair for men.

Well fear not! Nanogen is here with their expert advice. With just a few easy changes, you could be sporting a new style that even your mates will be jealous of. Keep reading to find out more…

  • How to get thicker hair for men: Your routine

  • How to get thicker hair for men: Your style

  • How to get thicker hair for men: Your lifestyle


Men’s hair can face a torrent of abuse on a daily basis. Cheap styling products, rough towel drying, wearing hats, drying shampoos - and dare we say it, using body wash to clean your hair - can all contribute to hair that looks thin, flat and well past its best. Sound familiar? Follow these tips to overhaul your hair care routine and start you on a path to thick, healthy hair

  • Use a thickening shampoo or conditioner: Next time you’re shopping for hair products, look for a thickening or volumising shampoo and conditioner. These are often full of ingredients that will help look after your hair, promote hair growth and give it the boost it needs. And yes, we have all been guilty of skipping the conditioner, so make your life easier with a multi-benefit, all in one product like Nanogen Shampoo & Half-Conditioner for Men, which cleanses and conditions in one step for a thicker, stronger result.

  • Less is more: So you’ve bought your new shampoo and conditioner, but are you applying them correctly? Most guys are guilty of squeezing out a heap of product and rubbing it all over the head, but you may be using too much. Use just enough to evenly coat the hair, but don’t go overboard, as doing so could weigh your hair down even more. Oh, and make sure you’re rinsing it all out thoroughly too.

  • Be more gentle: Once we get out of the shower, it can be tempting to go furiously rub our head with a towel to dry your hair as quickly as possible. But this can be so damaging, causing breakage and weakness in each strand. Instead, pat dry to absorb most of the moisture and then let it air dry for healthier, stronger hair.

  • Avoid heated styling tools: Hair dryers and straighteners are a question of ‘either you do or you don’t’ (even those of us that don’t admit to stealing their girlfriend’s!). But for those that do, try to limit your use. Excessive heat and hair don’t mix well, causing burnt, stretched and brittle strands. Anytime you do need to use them, make sure you spray your hair with a heat protecting spray which will help shield your hair from harm while adding thickness and shine.


    Good news is, many retailers and online stores now recognise the importance of hair loss and thinning hair category so it is easier for us to find the relevant products. Downside is that as the category has been identified as fast growing, a lot of brands with limited information about issues around hair loss are launching products with bold claims that actually have no scientific backing. All Nanogen products are scientifically developed and tested. For other products that can help, we’d suggest researching pages such as who has more or less dedicated his life to finding out what are the best products for thinning hair.


    Choosing the wrong hairstyle and styling products can make a huge difference in whether your hair looks full and thick or fine and flat. Making your hair look and feel its best can be as simple as a trip to the barbers. A complete style overhaul can be a huge change for any guy, so take a look at our suggestions below for styles that will help make your hair look thicker.

      • The textured side part: If your hair has a natural wave or curl, use it to your advantage to create the appearance of thicker hair. The ideal combination of smart and relaxed, a side part helps boost volume and can be easily styled for work and play.

      • The military crop: Want something completely fuss-free? Opt for this year’s GI Joe inspired crew cut. Clippered short on the sides and slightly longer on top, this classic crop will improve the look of fine hair. Just remember to get it cut regularly to maintain the sharp look.

      • Swept back pompadour: If you’re looking for a statement style that helps fine hair appear thicker, look no further than the swept-back pompadour. Ask for your barber to keep it tight on the sides with 2-3 inches of hair on top for you to style up your way: ‘50s slick or effortlessly relaxed.

      • The products: The products you use to style your hair can also have an effect on the overall thickness of your hair. For example, opt for a small amount of texturising clay or pomade as opposed to a gel formula, as using too much ‘wet-look’ product can make your hair appear fine. You also might want to look at using hair fibres as a finishing touch to add volume, texture and thickness to your style. Nanogen Hair Fibres lock in place to instantly improve the look of thin hair and give it the natural volume needed for any style.


    The best way to get long-lasting thickness is through maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so keep reading to find out how to get thicker hair for men naturally.

    Lifestyle choices like diet and exercise can have a massive effect on the health of your hair. Making sure you’re eating the right foods, moving your body and looking after your mental wellbeing is proven to have long-term benefits for your hair. We know it can seem overwhelming to rethink your life choices, so we’ve put together a list of easy tips to start you on your path for naturally thicker hair.

      • Boost your nutrition: Foods that are high in protein, omega 3, fatty acids, iron zinc, and biotin will all help fuel healthy hair growth for years to come. Some of these include salmon, avocado, sweet potato and spinach - all of which boast amazing benefits for the rest of your body too. So try and plan at least a couple of healthy hair meals every week to really up your vitamin and mineral levels.

      • Time to de-stress: From work deadlines to relationship issues, stress can be a key contributor to hair loss. Try and take time out to clear your head every once in a while, whether that’s relaxing to music or getting outdoors. Time to yourself can work wonders for your stress levels.

      • Get a move on: We know you’ve heard it all before, but exercise really is a cure-all for modern day life. Even aside from the obvious health and fitness benefits, regular exercise can help de-stress the mind, help us sleep better and can even be a solution to how to get thicker hair. Whether it’s getting your mates together for a kickabout in the park, heading to the gym, or picking up an entirely new sport, moving your body more could be the next step in improving your life… and your hair.

      • Talk it through: Blokes are notorious for keeping their emotions and problems to themselves, but opening up to a close friend or family member can be the best way to work through any issues you’re facing. Chances are they have no idea what you might be going through. It might be uncomfortable to start with, but give it a chance and you’ll feel a whole lot better afterward. And who knows, it may help them with their own problems too.

      • Go to bed!: What with the invention of Netflix, getting a full eight hours of sleep a night can be tough these days, but getting enough kip is essential to the overall health of our bodies and minds. Try and completely switch off from screens an hour before bedtime. Perhaps read the original book of that TV show instead, or start a new podcast obsession. Either way, it will help you unwind before bed, helping you sleep better.


    The best foods for thicker hair are those that are high in protein, omega 3, fatty acids, iron zinc, and biotin will all help fuel healthy hair growth for years to come. Some of these include salmon, avocado, sweet potato and spinach - all of which boast amazing benefits for the rest of your body too. So try and plan at least a couple of healthy hair meals every week to really up your vitamin and mineral levels.

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