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Proper customer service.

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Maybe it’s a British thing, but we think there is no problem that can’t be solved by first having a nice cup of tea.

Order directly from us at and enjoy a no-hassle and ridiculously friendly service.

So whether you want some application tips, locate your nearest stockist, have a delivery issue or want to arrange a courier-drop to your hotel - just drop us a line so we can have a chat and sort it for you.

Anyone for a biscuit?

Public Figures

The harsh lights of television and film sets mean that we work with many make-up artists and celebrities to ensure your hair looks awesome for the shot. We have even been known to send to stage doors.

Please contact us directly or ask your assistant or agent. As with all customers, we do not share details of who uses our products without their express permission or unless they themselves share their experiences publically.

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We would absolutely love to hear your inspirational stories. You don't have to send any video or picture if you don't want to. Tell us how much Nanogen means to you. Send your story to

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