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Enhanced binding.

Look for the metal strip! The patented Kinetic™ technology features on the side of each and every jar and optimises the electrostatic charge on every fibre application. This means application is easy, coverage is incredible and endurance is unrivalled.

Four Times Stronger

The ground-breaking Kinetic™ technology which sets Nanogen apart has been shown in independent research to give four times stronger charge* than other leading brands. Better binding means easier application, a more natural pattern and stronger hold with less fibres falling onto the scalp than others. Independent electrostatics expert, Graham Hearn, tested Nanogen fibres alongside other leading brands to see exactly what effect our unique technology had on our fibres, with incredible results. *Read the full report here. US patent granted, other countries pending

Dipolar Charge

Nanogen's unique dipolar-charged fibres provide optimum binding characteristics with every use. They help create Nanogen’s superior ‘fir tree’ pattern for even more thickening power. Being dipolar, one end of the fibre will always repel away from the natural charge of the hair, which can be positive and negative depending on the area tested on the hair shaft. This means each fibre tends to project off the hair shaft like the needles of a pine tree. This results in the maximum thickening effect associated with Nanogen.

Other fibres that are substantially unipolar (either positive or negatively charged, but not dipolar) will have a greater tendency to lay flat along the hair rather than perpendicular to it.

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