Mini Basket


Many objects can become positively or negatively charged when touched or rubbed together with another material, much like when you rub a balloon on your favourite Christmas jumper to create static and stick it to the wall. The material determines whether a charge is positive or negative, and how strong it is. Nanogen fibres utilise the power of electrostatics to create this incredible cosmetic styling product.

Nanogen Hair Fibre Binding

Hair magnets

Nanogen keratin fibres have essentially the same properties and structure of real hair. As such, the fibres act like thousands of tiny magnets, naturally attracted to the 'end-plates' of hair strands due to an inherent static charge. The fibres bind remarkably strongly to the hair and form a complex, mainly perpendicular pattern along its length.

Fir-Tree Pattern

Every tiny keratin fibre builds an electrostatic charge as it exits the patented Nanogen jar. As they land on hair strands - even thin and barely visible ones - they naturally form branches or what we call a 'fir-tree' pattern. The quality of the pattern is dependant on many factors including the keratin material and also the degree of dipolar charge. This is why Nanogen gives an incredible natural look while only using a small amount. It's like adding hair to your own hair.