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Photo of Shayo smilling for Nanogen


Shayo, 32

Fibre shade NO.3

Post-partum hair loss was an unexpected shock for Shayo, and the last thing she needed with two young babies to look after. Instead of tackling the problem head on she hid behind headbands and hats, and still felt too self conscious to speak to people around her about her hair worries.

My Story

I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about my hair loss. I just wanted to put my hair up in a bun and be ok about it, but before fibres I couldn’t do that. Shayo, Working Mum, 32

The Results

After discovering hair fibres, Shayo's now ditched the headband and feels more confident than ever. It's had a huge impact on her ability to be happy with her hair again and she's now enjoying wearing her hair exactly how she's always wanted.

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