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Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres use a translucent colour system to make it even easier to achieve a near invisible result with light bouncing off the fibres just like real hair. Our unique colour palette prevents the fibres from looking too stark on the hair and allows for an almost seamless match, even if the shade is not the exact same colour as your hair. Available in 10 natural shades.


Nanogen Fibres shade no3 - black

Best for jet black hair.

Dark Brown

Nanogen Fibres shade no4 - dark brown

Best for the darkest of brown hair.

Med Brown

Nanogen Fibres shade no5 - Med brown

Best for medium to darker brown hair shades.

Light Brown

Nanogen Fibres shade no6 - Light brown

Best for lighter brown to very dark blonde colours.


Nanogen Fibres shade no7 - Auburn

Medium Brown with a touch of red. Best for dark redheads and auburn hair.


Nanogen Fibres shade no8 - Cinnamon

Light Brown with a touch of red for lighter redhead shades.

Dark Blonde

Nanogen Fibres shade no9 - Dark Blonde

A rich honey shade, best for warm, dark blondes.

Light Blonde

Nanogen Fibres shade no10 - Light Blonde

A lighter sandy tone for very blonde hair.


Nanogen Fibres shade no2 - White

Best for white-grey hair and for adding to other shades.

Nanogen Fibres shade no1 - Gray

Darker grey suitable for silver tones and for adding to other shades.

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