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Introducing our new Hair Hydrating thickening hero

Introducing our new Hair Hydrating thickening hero

Meet Nanogen’s new Hair Hydrator

Give thin, fine hair the moisture it needs while creating the perfect canvas for your hair fibres with Nanogen’s Hair Hydrator.

Packed with ultra-hydrating ingredients, the gel like formula is the perfect companion to encouraging healthy, thick hair as well as providing the first step in your hair fibre application. Non-sticky and super lightweight, the Hair Hydrator leaves hair feeling supple, soft and moisturised after just one use.

Perfect prep

Nanogen Hair Hydrator creates the ideal canvas for our Keratin Hair Fibres, making it the perfect first step in your fibre application routine. Unique thickening polymers leave an even positive charge on the hair which binds even stronger to the negatively charged end of our fibres. Although the hair does hold a natural static charge, our Hair Hydrator unifies and strengthens this charge to prolong the bond between hair and fibre.

The Hair Hydrator also helps ‘fluff up’ our fibres, as the positively charged hair strands repel the positive end of our dual-charged fibres. This adds visible thickness and multi-dimensional volume that keeps your fibres from looking too flat.

Simply apply onto damp hair, brush through and allow to dry completely (or use a hairdryer to amplify the results!), then follow up with your Keratin Hair Fibres as normal. For extra hold and security, spritz over our Hair Fibre Locking Spray and allow to dry. And that’s it, your three-step routine for instantly thicker hair that lasts all day!

The ultimate hydration

We’ve put together three incredible hydrating ingredients, also known as humectants into one, simple to use product to give maximum results. With the ability to hold more than its own weight in water, the trio of ingredients work in sync to inject long-lasting hydration into each individual hair strand.

  • Hyaluronic acid-With its unique ability to hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid brings intense hydration to the hair follicle and scalp leaving it plumped, nourished and shiny.
  • Glycerin-One of the natural moisturising factors in our own skin, glycerin provides essential protection and hydration to each strand. The humectant properties of glycerin mean it can draw water to itself from the lower levels of the skin and the atmosphere.
  • Panthenol-A derivative of vitamin B5, panthenol helps to lock in moisture to the hair and scalp to keep it looking shiny and voluminous. Plenty of moisture also means better hair growth, so panthenol also aids in promoting healthy, thick hair.

Added thickness

Nanogen’s Hair Hydrator contains our unique Hair Growth Factors, a combination of hard-working extracts and peptides that encourage hair growth and follicle regeneration in the hair root. By stimulating hair growth, the Hair Hydrator is an effective addition to any hair thickening routine for long term results.

Not only does the formula set the basis for healthy, thick hair for years to come, it also uses surface resins and thickening polymers to add physical thickness to each strand without weighing it down. These thickening polymers leave each strand positively charged, resulting in the strands repelling away from each other and giving the illusion of my volumised hair. To really supercharge these resins and polymers, try blow drying after application to evenly distribute them along the hair shaft and give long-lasting results.

Styling power

Thanks to its fresh, unisex fragrance, Hair Hydrator is perfect to be used by both men and women, whatever their hair care needs.

For short hairstyles, Hair Hydrator makes the perfect alternative to traditional waxes, pomades and gels which can all clog up the follicle and suffocate the root, preventing hair growth. Swap them out for our Hair Hydrator, which actively thickens and adds extra body without weighing the hair down and feeding it with the essential nutrients it needs to grow.

Hair Hydrator is also incredible for longer hair as, unlike a lot of serums and creams, it doesn’t weigh long lengths down. Long, thin hair, in particular, can often benefit from added thickness at the roots to avoid being weighed down by the lengths. Our new formulation does just that, by adding thickness to the roots all the way to the tips, keeping it looking healthy and full of life.

Ready for a hydration hit? Check out our brand new Hair Hydrator now and see the results for yourself.

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