Invite your friends to try Nanogen!

Love Nanogen products? You can now be rewarded for referring your friends to try our amazing brand.

For each friend you invite they will get £10 off their first purchase for more than £25 - and in return, you get a £10 off voucher for your next purchase of £25!

You can invite as many people as you like, and earn as many £10 off vouchers as you like - but please note you can only use 1 voucher per transaction and each voucher you receive expires after 28 days.

How it works

  1. Click the 'Get £10 off' link in the bottom right of
  2. Fill in your e-mail address and click 'get link'. (Your e-mail address will already be filled in if you are signed into your account.)
  3. Copy the link provided and send to as many of your friends as you like.
  4. When one of your contacts uses the link they should see £10 deducted from their basket when they spend over £25.
  5. After they have made a purchase, you will receive an e-mail with your own link to £10 off at when you spend £25.
  6. Use the link and unique voucher within 28 days!


    This referral programme is intended to introduce new shoppers to the brand - the referral links and codes can only be used by new shoppers and households to the website.

    Referrer conditions:

    • Give £10 vouchers and links are only valid for 28 days
    • There is no requirement for the referrer to be an existing customer.
    • In order to share this offer the referrer must be over the age of 18.
    • Nanogen reserves the right to refuse the issue of any reward to any Referred Friend or Referrer at any time.
    • Nanogen reserves the right to vary any and all elements of this offer at any time without notice.

    Referred Friend Rewards:

    • The Referred friend is offered £10 off when they place their first order.
    • The reward is valid for 28 days from the point of issue to the referred friend.
    • In order to qualify for the reward the referred friend must be a new customer to and over the age of 18.
    • Any rewards will be revoked if a refund is requested on the order for which the reward was offered.
    • The Referred friend reward cannot be claimed by the same person making the referral
    • Referred friend rewards cannot be combined with other discount codes in a single order.
    • Any referral redemption quantities that are deemed excessive by Nanogen may cause the discount codes to be cancelled and the referrer to be removed from the programme.


    If you have any questions or comments in relation to the programme, please e-mail us at

    Detailed Terms and Conditions

    These terms apply to individuals who are accessing or using a Programme as a Referrer, a Referred Friend and/or otherwise a customer and the use of "User" or "you" shall be a reference to any of these terms as the context permits.

    By participating in a Programme and using the Services, Users agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety you should not participate in the Programme in any manner. Users may not participate in the Programme where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

    We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time these Terms and Conditions. Any amendments or new terms and conditions will be available on our website and/or via the landing page of the website where the relevant Programme is being offered. The Terms and Conditions that apply to you shall be the Terms and Conditions published at the time you participate in the relevant Programme.

    The Programme

    The Programme, and your participation in it, is also subject to the Programme Terms and Conditions which are made available on the webpage where the relevant Programme is being offered.

    You acknowledge and agree that the Programme is being offered and made available by Nanogen.

    You are at least the minimum age permitted by applicable law to enter into these Terms and Conditions;

    When you send a communication to a Referred Friend, you confirm that:

    • any such Referred Friend is personally known to you;
    • You have, where reasonably practical, obtained the consent of the Referred Friend before contacting them;
    • You understand that you are the sender of all communications under the Services, and you should comply with all applicable laws in relation to the sending of electronic communications; and
    • You will not enter or otherwise use information of any third party or Referred Friend in order to use the Services for any bulk email distribution, distribution to strangers, or any other promotion of a personal link in a manner that would constitute or appear to constitute (in Nanogen's sole discretion) unsolicited commercial email or "spam".

    For a User to qualify for a Reward, a Referred Friend must:

    • not be a current customer and have never been a customer of the Merchant under any email address or alias;
    • have purchased goods or services from the Merchant having accessed the Programme; and
    • comply with any other criteria notified to it.

    If we reasonably believe that you have breached any of these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to immediately suspend or terminate your use of the Services without notifying you, and without further liability to you, including without any liability in respect of you no longer being able to participate in or benefit from any Programme.