Heather started her career as a junior at Daniel Galvin’s George Street salon, at the age of 16. With hard work and dedication, she worked her way to the top, to become the youngest Senior Colour Director at Daniel Galvin. With clients travelling far and wide for Heather to work her magic on their hair, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Heather, to get some hints and tips about her hair predictions for 2020, advice for colouring fine, thinning hair and what hair products she just can't live without!

What would your top tips be when it comes to colouring fine and thinning hair?

H: Less is more! I swear by it. Fine hair is a delicate hair type, so be wise not to over process with colour.

When it comes to colouring fine, thinning hair, are there any shades you would avoid?

H: For me, personally, I always say the lighter you go, the finer your hair looks. The darker the hair, the fuller the hair perceives.

What advice would you give someone considering colouring their hair for the first time?

H: Having pictures of what you like is key. It gives the colourist a great idea of your personality and your vision. In consultations, it’s my job to blend what you like and what I think is best suited to you.

Top tip: Start off slow, once you get the colour bug it’s always easier to add more!

When it comes to styling thin, fine hair, are there any hairstyles you would avoid? 

H: I would suggest not pulling or having your hair up-tight. We all love a ‘day off messy bun’ but keep it loose! Tight hairstyles can cause retention by pulling the hair follicle out of the scalp.

Top Tip: Hair scrunchies are a saviour: the soft material prevents breakage of finer hair when tied up, plus they look cute on your wrists!

Heather’s Favourite: TopShop Organza Scrunchie

What hair care products would you recommend to a female client with thinning and fine hair?

H: I absolutely adore Nanogen’s Keratin Hair Fibres range; I call it a duo act. It gives thickness at the scalp with the tiny keratin fibres and also gives depth to roots (covers grey hair!).

Top Tip: Just to add a unique gesture to the Fibres with my clients, I use the Locking Spray. Using them together gives my clients the confidence that the Fibres will stay put and last throughout the day.

What hair care product would you recommend to a male client with thinning, fine hair?

H: My firm favourite for men is always the Nanogen Shampoo & Half Conditioner. The simplicity to all 5 steps to a great hair wash, in one product, works wonders on male hair.

Out of the Nanogen range, what product is your favourite and why?

H: As a hair colourist, my must-have product is the Nanogen Fibres range. The wide range of colour palette shows me that thought has gone into the product. Being a colourist, I know that every head of hair is different. Applying the Fibres helps my clients that have busy life schedules, can go through meetings/holidays/dinners and gatherings, feeling confident inside and out, knowing nobody is looking at the forbidden greys or their finer areas!

You mentioned you use our Keratin Hair Fibres on your clients, how do you find using them?

H: When applying the Fibres to my client’s hair, I colour match each client individually. The quick and easy application with instant and fantastic results is always a winner for myself and my clients. I always have them coming back telling me it’s the best ‘sugar-coating’ for their hair that they have ever been recommended!

What would your top tip be when using Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres?

H: My top tip, which I tell my clients, is to start your sprinkling of the Fibres lightly, you can add more and build layers, depending on your desired look! 

What is the one hair accessory you couldn’t live without?

H: If I can only choose one hair accessory, it would have to be my headbands. They are perfect for when I don’t have time to wash my hair; A quick spritz of dry shampoo and a great velvet sparkly headband to draw the attention away from my dirty roots and I am good to go. Plus, I love when the compliments roll in about how pretty the headband is when I’m covering a load of sins underneath!

Heather’s Favourite: Jewelled Velvet Headband

What are your hair predictions for 2020? 

H: Balayage is going nowhere out of style for 2020. Changing the tone of the balayage throughout the seasons is one of my favourite requests and one I can see being asked throughout 2020. I also love to add hairline highlights using a lighter formula around the face to make them freckles and eyes pop for the summer months!

Any tips for our Nanogen customers?

H: My best and top tip for anyone using or thinking of trying Nanogen Hair Fibres, is if your hair is clean and freshly washed, apply a little bit of hairspray at the roots to catch the static flyaways first, then apply your fibres. It makes the application easier with a cleaner, natural finish.

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