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Frequent scalp massages are greatly beneficial for thinning hair, we recommend you doing a 10-20 min massage around 2 times a week to feel the benefits. Some benefits include:

  • Stimulated hair follicles: Massage boost blood flow and the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the scalp. This can promote healthy hair growth, shine, strength and fullness.
  • Good for mental health: Massage can give you release from anxiety and stress, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Good for your physical health: Massage boosts your immune system, it can also help relieve headaches and tension!
A great time to do your scalp massage is just before bed. If you’re short on time then you can do your head massage in the shower with our Shampoo & Half-Conditioner for Men or Shampoo Luxe for Women.
Here is a step by step guide for a great massage:
  • Make sure your hair loose and down. Bring your hands to the sides of the head, fingers pointing up and spread apart.
  • Keep the heel of your hand and your fingers in contact with your head, apply light pressure and slowly move your hands up the head with small circular motions, as if applying shampoo.
  • Once at the top of the head, work them downwards to a different area of the head. Repeat this until you’ve covered your entire scalp.
  • Next, bring one hand to your forehead and place the heel of your other hand at the back of your head. Briskly rub your scalp all over with just your fingertips for about a minute, reaching as much of the scalp as you can with that hand. Switch hands and cover the remainder of your head.
  • Stroke your fingers through your hair from the top of the forehead, working back.
  • Lay your fingers over your forehead and draw the fingers down and along the brow line to each temple, making small circles over your temples. Repeat this process three times.
  • Returning back to your forehead, work slowly towards the back of your head in smooth strokes for at least a minute, slowly decrease the pressure over time until your fingers drift off.

Barbershop tip: Put a wet towel in the microwave to put over your face for some steamy relaxation.


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