It’s December and we’re surrounded by sparkle and all things festive as the nation gears up for Christmas. As the festivities get into full swing, don’t let thinning hair get in the way of a great hair style and you feeling your best this festive season.


There is a tendency for people with thinning hair to stick to the same ‘safe’ hairstyles, thinking that’s the only option, so we’ve compiled some hints and tips for you to consider.

STYLING – For men a textured side parting looks modern and smart and helps boost volume, especially if you have a natural wave or curl. A military crop is easy to maintain and timelessly stylish – keep it closely cut on the sides and trimmed regularly to keep it looking sharp. A swept back pompadour is the ultimate style if you are thinning on top, with neat, close-cut sides matched with longer hair on top to cover any thin patches. This is slightly harder to style, but worth the effort if you want to impress.

For women, as a general rule, the haircuts that work well for super thin hair are those that have layers and texture. Shoulder-length or shorter hair can be flattering, removing weight to give hair more fullness, and makes it easier to add volume to the roots. There are so many variations of  shorter cuts to explore.

A zig-zag parting is a great hair style for thinning hair, as the criss-cross action will hide any problem areas, while also adding extra volume.

Loose ponytails or messy buns work well with receding hairlines too.

PRODUCTS – Avoid gels or anything ‘wet-look’. Stick to small amounts of texturising clay or light hair sprays for hold and water resistance.

– popular in the film and fashion industry to cover up patches, Nanogen hair fibres work well to create a naturally thicker look which is almost unnoticeable. Not only do they bring instant impact in terms of volume and thickness, but they bring flexibility too with their versatility. While great for thickening a hair line, or filling in a thinning patch, they also work really well with all hair styles, both up and down. For best results lock in place with a fixing spray

HAIR EXTENSIONS - also known as hair weaves, hair extensions are a form of real or synthetic hair that is attached to the scalp. Often used to enhance hair length, volume and thickness, they are a medical procedure-free way to change a hair style, and are a popular option for those worried about hair loss. If this is something that you’ve been considering, then take a look at our article.

HAIR SYSTEMS – If there isn’t much hair left to style on top, then a ‘Hair System’ might be your only option without surgery or clinical drugs. These are hair pieces that are attached to the scalp with adhesive and can be styled as part of your normal hair. They normally last about 6-10 months although the adhesive needs replacing more regularly.

CARE - Use a thickening shampoo or conditioner. Next time you’re shopping for hair products, look for a thickening or volumising product. While they won’t grow hair back, they can strengthen and add volume to what you have.  

Nanogen Shampoo & Half-Conditioner for Men is a versatile shampoo that provides a deep cleanse for both hair and scalp while lightly conditioning, without weighing the hair down.

For women, Nanogen Shampoo Luxe has been formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp, creating an instant thickening effect from the very first wash.

So this party season, don’t let thinning hair hold you back.