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So, we all want the answer to that million dollar question: ‘How to make my hair thicker … fast?’ Well ask no more, science and beauty obsessed Nanogen, the UK’s leading hair thickening brand, are here to help...finally (phew)! We believe a holistic approach will help the overall wellbeing and lead to thicker hair for women and men at any age.

Follow these industry tips for how to make your hair thicker, to give it the best chance of becoming the luscious, thicker locks you've been dreaming of. So what makes hair thicker? As experts in beautiful hair, we’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to tell you how to get thicker hair, both instantly and over time. Although thin hair can be part of our DNA, changing our lifestyle habits and hair routine can be the ultimate key to gorgeously thick, beautiful hair. So kick back, relax, and take a look at our full rundown of hair growth tips and how to make thin hair thicker.

  • How to make your hair thicker: Your hair routine
  • How to make your hair thicker: The scalp
  • How to make your hair thicker: Lifestyle
  • How to make your hair thicker: Naturally
  • How to make your hair thicker: Instantly



You might've heard that our hair’s precious natural oils and proteins that protect the scalp are stripped away whenever we wash our hair. While this is true, don’t let it scare you into never washing… lank, greasy strands are NEVER in style. Instead, try to limit your cleansing to 2-3 times a week, making sure to use the right products that restore the condition of both your scalp and hair.If you’re wondering how to thicken hair through washing, know that we recommend you wash with both a shampoo and conditioner every time.

Now, we've all been there, walking through aisles and aisles of hair care products, feeling confused and desperately asking ourselves, "But which one is right for me?!" There are so many on the market, choosing the right one can seem daunting, not to mention expensive! So stop kissing a bunch of frogs and find your hair care prince by choosing a product containing these top ingredients:


Although more commonly found in skincare products, this clever bit of science provides a ton of moisture for your hair. As an added bonus, it helps slow down skin ageing, which when used on the scalp, encourages healthy hair growth and promotes thicker tresses.


Your hair is naturally formed from this fibrous protein, so adding keratin back in keeps your hair strength at its best. This natural thickening hero provides hair with moisture, body and an instant thickening effect. It is rich in the amino acid cysteine, which helps to give keratin its amazing strength and protection.


We know the word ‘acid’ sounds scary, but trust us, it’s really not! Using gentle acids like salicylic is proven to give amazing benefits for your skin, and that includes your scalp. As well as providing intense cleansing for your scalp, it cleans from within the pores, exfoliating and helping rid you of impurities. Say hello to a clean scalp and healthy hair growth.


    This one is essential for hair growth and health. Using products with pro vitamin B5 not only improves hair’s elasticity but also helps your body absorb all those amazing vitamins and minerals in a healthy diet (more on this later!)


      If you’re not keen on trawling THAT ingredients list on the back of your bottles, look for a thickening shampoo and conditioner duo that will support and care for your hair. Our range of shampoo's and conditioners are formulated with the right ingredients to give you thicker, healthier hair from the very first wash. Bingo.


        We’re constantly told how important it is to exfoliate and treat our skin, but what they don’t tell us is that the skin on our scalp should be treated in the very same way. This can be a key step in how to make hair thicker. Now be honest, how many face washes, moisturisers, and oils have you got in your bathroom? Don’t you think it’s time your scalp got some love? News flash guys, your face doesn't actually stop at your hairline! You may not realise it, but to achieve superior hair thickness you need to target the scalp as well as the hair.

        A healthy scalp condition is so important to healthy hair growth and thicker hair, just like good soil is needed to grow a tree to its full strength and height. These days we are all prone to much more pollution on a daily basis, and that can take a real toll on our precious locks. Tiny particles of dust, smoke, and other nasties can stick to the hair and scalp, causing irritation, dryness and breakage.

        On top of this, dead skin cells and product build-up can sit on the scalp. Blocking or obstructing the follicles could eventually cause them to stop producing new hair. So before reaching for the nearest scouring pad, check out our top tips below!

        • When you're shampooing and conditioning your hair, make sure to gently massage your scalp for at least 1-2 minutes. As well as it feeling amazing, massaging will increase the blood flow directly to your follicles. This is important for hair growth, thickness and the stimulation can even help to increase instant volume at the roots.
        • So you’ve invested in the right products, right? But did you know you could be doing even more damage by over washing your hair? Yep! Too much shampooing can lead to valuable essential oils and proteins being stripped away, resulting in dry strands that are prone to breakage. Ouch. One way to target this is to minimise how many times you are cleansing your hair weekly, try 2-3 times a week max. Using the right products should also result in your hair staying cleaner for longer over time - especially if you opt to go sulphate free (just remember to stick it out for a while to see the amazing benefits)!
        • Your scalp needs moisture too! Many people are scared to condition their roots, but just like the skin on your face, many hair and scalp problems are caused by dehydrated skin. Having moisturised hair will minimise hair breakage and tangling, which can both lead to hair loss and reduced thickness.
        • Use a product that has exfoliating properties for your scalp to unclog pores and get rid of all that styling product build up. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a new product - you can find ingredients in conditioners and shampoos, such as niacinamide and salicylic acid, which soothe and purify the scalp

        Caring for your scalp = the secret key to making your hair thicker.


        Stress levels and anxiety can be directly linked to an increase in hair shedding.The CalmClinic states that ‘It's also important to note that not all hair loss is anxiety related, but the two may occur at a similar period of time’. What’s worse? Worrying about how to make your hair thicker could be adding to the problem. So follow these top tips to live a more balanced and relaxed lifestyle:

        OPEN UP

          When we feel stressed it can feel overwhelming, and we run the risk of pushing others away. As the old saying goes: ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’. So whether its relationship troubles or work issues, you’ll feel a whole lot better after a heart to heart with a loved one. Trust us.


              We totally get it, we're all so busy with balancing career success with socialising with friends and family downtime. But it's so important to check in with yourself, switch off and get some ‘you’ time. Yoga and meditation is a great way to do so, and it can be as simple as a few minutes a day. Try to not be intimidated, there are some great, easy-to-use apps out there such as Buddhify, where you can choose a guided meditation to suit you.

                EXERCISE CAN = HAPPINESS

                  For some of us the idea of a regular workout sends us running for the hills (well, not actually running), but it's so important that we all get some time in each week to push ourselves physically, and that doesn’t mean hours on the treadmill (thankfully!). Find a fun, regular form of exercise, either on your own, with a group of friends or with complete strangers! All exercise, from yoga to dancing and even rock climbing, can help alleviate all sorts of physical and mental problems like anxiety and stress. So explore your options and find something you really love.

                    SLEEP MORE!

                      Ensuring you sleep eight hours a night is imperative to your overall mental and physical health. Top tip: try to not look at a screen up to one hour before you go to bed, as the blue light will stimulate your mind and affect your body clock. You could also try a blue light filter app like Twilight to help your eyes and mind wind down for the evening.


                        Boost your nutrition. We know, we hear it all the time, but a balanced diet and regular exercise really is the ultimate way to look after your body and mind, with the ability to treat a whole load of issues, from weight problems to skin concerns and yes, lacklustre hair! Be your own personal trainer for your hair and put together a nutrition plan for your locks with a good balance of healthy (and the occasional not so healthy!) dishes. Foods that are high in protein, omega 3, fatty acids, iron zinc, and biotin are going to be your saviors here. Check out our top five superfoods that will help make your hair thicker, healthier and stronger:


                        This oily fish contains ultra-high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which promote healthy, beautiful hair. We love it baked in foil with lemon and pepper and served with baby spinach (another hair-loving powerhouse) for a fuss-free meal.

                        SWEET POTATO

                        Packed with beta-carotene, this is not your ordinary, frumpy potato. A great source of vitamin A, sweet potatoes help to prevent a dry scalp and, dare we say it, dandruff. Upgrade your boring weeknight jacket potato with one of these beauties and top with a crumble of feta and sliced chilli. Perfect.


                        These babies are rich in protein and biotin, which makes them perfect, pocket-sized solutions to how to get hair thicker. Protein is key for maintaining hair’s strength, while biotin is a major factor in the product of that all-important keratin. Perfect for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, eggs are super easy to add to your diet.


                        Another member of the beta-carotene brat pack, the much-overlooked carrot helps to condition the scalp and balance its natural oils to give super shiny results. The easiest way to get these babies in? Swap out that bag of crisps for carrot sticks and hummus. Because really, who doesn’t love hummus?


                        We’ve all heard the term ‘Eat your greens!’ but did you know that doing so would answer the question of how to make your hair thicker? This superfood is loaded with vitamins B,C and E, as well as iron, potassium, calcium and omega-3, all of which are great for our hair. Add baby spinach to salads for a hair boost!


                        Okay, okay, we know; avocados are everywhere but listen up! Not only are these insta-friendly guys absolutely delicious and full of good fats, avocados are chock full of vitamin B and E, which help repair a damaged scalp and help speed up the healthy hair growth process. Avo on toast for brunch? We thought so.

                        OATS & NUTS

                        A handful of these are a great source of minerals and vitamins like B, D and E, resulting in the sleek, shiny locks we crave. Try making up a batch of breakfast bars packed with oats, nuts and fruit for a healthy hair champion on the go.

                        DARK CHOCOLATE

                        We couldn’t not mention this one! Dark chocolate contains copper, zinc and iron which all boost the cell renewal process and increase oxygen and blood flow to the scalp resulting in, you guessed it, healthier hair. So go on, treat yourself. We won’t tell.

                        AFTER WASHING:

                        You're doing so much work in the treatment regime, you're eating well and exercising like an Olympian but did you know that you may actually be undoing all the hard work by handling your hair incorrectly? Do you want to know how to make your hair thicker? From brushing to drying, follow these top natural tips below to help:

                        TOWEL DRYING

                        Ok so you may like it rough (cheeky!), but our hair certainly doesn’t when it comes to towel drying. We know it can be tempting to furiously scrub the towel all over our head when we’re fresh out the shower and in a rush. But wait! This is actually so damaging for the hair as it can break the anchoring of the hair follicle. A big no-no. Instead, gently wrap it up in a towel turban to absorb the water without causing any damage.


                        Here’s another one we always seem to get carried away with. Being over enthusiastic with the hairbrush can end up damaging your precious locks. Be gentle and opt for a boar bristle brush instead, which will help stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils through your hair while detangling.


                        Sometimes we really can’t avoid them, but constant use of straighteners, curling irons and hairdryers can be disastrous for your hair. As well as scorching and burning the hair, using heated tools can stretch and pull your hair out from the root, i.e. weak, brittle and not so happy hair. Give your lengths a heat-free holiday and let it air dry naturally with these easy tips:

                        An oldie but a goodie. Plait your hair while it’s wet, leave it to dry and let it loose to reveal beachy curls Blake Lively would be proud of.

                        Alternatively, for an update on the look, try tightly twisting random sections while wet and secure with pins. When it’s dry, release and run through with your fingers for totally laid back twisted tresses.

                        Get fuss-free style is with a headband. Pop a circular elastic headband around your head and tuck small sections around it until all your hair is wrapped around the band. Let it air dry naturally, take the band off and voila! Relaxed movement and waves with zero heat (or effort)!

                        For those times when you really need the sleekness only a hair straightener can bring, make sure you generously spritz your hair all over with a heat protecting spray. Style your hair with some TLC: We agree, there’s nothing chic-er than a sleek high pony, but tying your hair band too tight can actually lead to the hair shaft falling out. Switch up your harsh elastics with fabric or plastic hair ties to minimise breakage and keep your hair looking and feeling healthier. Bye bye Croydon Facelift.

                        AT HOME REMEDIES:

                        Did you know that your cupboards and fridge at home are actually a treasure chest of beauty? Many ingredients just sitting in our cupboards can, in fact, be used to create at-home hair treatments to make your hair thicker naturally! Try using the following ingredient suggestions to create your very own hair natural treatment masks:


                        These natural shots of protein are perfect for a hair treatment. Mix up with yogurt and apply all over the hair to provide it with multi-tasking nutrients. Just make sure to thoroughly wash it away with cool water. Scrambled egg hair? Not such a good look.


                        Put that NutriBullet to use by blending up some fresh oranges to create a scrumptious, Vitamin C rich smoothie for your hair.

                        OLIVE/COCNUT/CASTER OIL

                        The three musketeers of hair oils, these kitchen cupboard wonders have been used as natural conditioners for years. As an added bonus, they can be used to banish frizz and flyaways too!

                          AVOCADO AGAIN!

                          Rich in Vitamin E, this is best left on damp hair and wrapped in a towel or shower cap for a good half an hour before washing off for the ultimate natural hydration treatment.

                            ALOE VERA

                            Extremely soothing for irritated, angry scalps, the gel from Aloe Vera can be directly applied in the same way as you use conditioner. Plus, it smells amazing.

                              Natural remedies are a low-cost alternative, but for the best results we recommend using hair care products that include some of these natural ingredients, such as Nanogen’s range, which include ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, vitamin B and green tea!

                              HOW TO MAKE YOUR HAIR THICKER: INSTANTLY

                              So thickness and volume is only for lucky long-haired gals, right? Wrong! Going for the chop can be the quickest way to make your hair look thicker. Don’t believe us? Check out these short-haired styles for some inspo for your next salon appointment. Go on, be brave!

                              ANDROGYNOUS PIXIE

                              This asymmetrical pixie cut is ideal for transforming lifeless hair into something special. The longer lengths in the front maintains femininity, while the short back and sides make an androgynous statement. Style it any way you want; messy and textured or smooth and sleek. Either way, be prepared for thicker looking hair.

                              BOLD CROP

                              We love this one for ladies that want to make a statement! Perfect for straight or curly locks, the Bold Crop combines playfulness and sophistication and is uber low maintenance. Ask for it short and tapered at the back and and bold on top for the ultimate style statement.

                              LAYERED SOPHISTICATION

                              Classic and timeless styles are key for 2018 hair. A layered lob is possibly the easiest cut to style (win!) and is guaranteed to suit anyone. Loved by an army of celebs like Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen, a lob is a failsafe way to make your hair look ten times thicker. Be sure to get it slightly longer at the front to maintain the chic look. The only question is: to fringe or not to fringe?


                              Last but my no means least, one of the quickest ways to add volume and the apperance of thicker hair is by using products such as Nanogen Hair Fibres. Not only are they fantastic at concealing any thinning area's but they work amazingly well with fine hair to give an extra bit of oomph!

                              For more hints and tips, why not check out check out our article on Styling with Hair Fibres.


                              While our aim is to provide you with up-to-date and relevant information, drugs affect each person differently. As such we can not guarantee that this information includes all possible side effects and this information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always discuss treatment options and possible side effects with a healthcare professional who knows your specific medical history.