A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, or design that distinguishes the source or origin of the goods or services. Also, as trade dress, it can be the appearance of a product or its packaging, including size, shape, colour, texture, graphics, and appearance (e.g. retail store or website).

Nanogen own a number of registered trademarks. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • NANOGEN (logo)


Important notes:

  • Nanogen also have a number of unregistered trademarks. This are typically our product or technology names. If you see the TM symbol next to the name on our website or packaging, this denotes an unregistered trademark
  • Nanogen have a number of figurative marks (logos) which are not listed above but which are similar to word marks listed
  • Nanogen also have a number of trademarks in application at the time of writing this page
  • Nanogen is an international brand and this page is global in nature. Reflecting our UK headquarters location, the above list of registered trademarks is that which applies in the United Kingdom and the list differs in territories around the world
  • Nanogen is a brand owned by Pangaea Laboratories. We say above 'owned by Nanogen' informally. For legal clarity, all trademarks are owned by Pangaea Laboratories or its subsidiary companies
  • Pangaea Laboratories is a registered trademark in the USA
  • The absence of any trademark from this list does not act as a waiver for the use of it by a third-party.