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Looking after the planet.

Just like you, we care about the world we live in. We have abandoned using cartons on most products like shampoos and conditioners. Where we do use a carton, it's made from card derived from sustainable sources. We also don't use shiny laminated tubes which are hard to recycle. Our offices are powered by green energy sources so we are able to reduce the level of CO2 emissions from our activities. We are actively working on new sustainability initiatives. Watch this page.

Clean Energy

nanogen looking after the planet

The electricity supplying our office and warehouse is from 100% renewable energy sources. We're committed to reducing our use of energy which even includes our recent change to electric-powered forklift trucks. Our lights automatically switch off when people leave to save power.

No Animal Testing

nanogen looking after the planet

We're passionately against animal testing. As part of the strict requirements of European regulation (2013), we don't test on animals and we won’t ask any other company to test on our behalf. We look forward to the day when animal testing is banned worldwide forever.

Clean Oceans

nanogen looking after the planet

As a brand rooted in both science and nature, we love and respect sea life. That’s why we have made changes. We no longer use any laminated tubes, which are hard to recycle and moving forward we are working hard to use 100% recycled plastic (including ocean plastic) in all of our tubes. There is ironically a worldwide shortage and we need to run lots of 'compatibility testing', but watch this space. We do not use plastic microbeads.

Clean & Safe

nanogen looking after the planet

Even though using certain ingredients could make our formulations cheaper and easier to develop, we strongly believe in developing substantially clean and safe formulations, with high quality raw materials. We don't use paraben preservatives nor harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or its ethylated cousin (SLES), but we do not compromise on cleaning and foaming performance. We think your hair and scalp deserve the best.

Saving Forests

nanogen looking after the planet

When it comes to paper-based materials, not only are we recyclable, we’re made of mostly recycled materials. We use FSC certified card for all of our cartons, which means it's been sourced from well managed forests or recycled sources. You’ll see the FSC symbol on all of our paper based packaging materials as a mark of dedication to the cause. We try to minimise paper waste in our cartons to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Superior Quality

nanogen looking after the planet

We only make products for ourselves, we don’t supply for private label or take on any special requests. Even so, we are proud to be certified ISO 22716 for Cosmetic Manufacturing, plus, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, which includes our commitment to excellent customer service. This is completely voluntary but we think it's vital for any company to have regular external audits to keep quality and precision high.

Preloved Glass

nanogen looking after the planet

All of our serum bottles and pipettes are made from glass. Since 2018, Nanogen glass bottles contain 5-10% recycled glass. This is just the start.

Preloved Plastic

nanogen care about plastic pollution

Our Locking Spray bottles are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material. This means not only are they recyclable, but they are also MADE of 100% recycled material. We are using plastic derived from former drinks bottles that would otherwise have just gone to landfill; taking centuries to degrade. This PCR material is primarily sourced from the UK to minimise our carbon footprint.

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